A Day In Brooklyn: TGOS X Jord Watch Collaboration


As time seems to be racing against us, and summer is on its final act my love and I ventured to Brooklyn Museum to check out their latest exhibits. I finally got to rock my vintage pants I found earlier this year, flash a bit of glitter with my H&M tee shirt (FROM MY POOH:) ) and add my Jord watch to pull the look together.  I left my fro free to enjoy the hot sun, had our fill of southern fried fish, and let our day in NY surrounded by art inspire us.

When grabbing coffee, getting our tickets, or just reaching out to shake someones hand I received so many amazing compliments to my stunning wooden watch. Since we have the time always available on our smart phones we forget the importance of a stylish time piece and now I realize what an amazing conversation starter a great watch can be.nng77l_HUnl8Ic5hpABZilTuBLeiUlX253gYZCyixVU,okxSYIIB2hgSyFgnJpfnNA1f6UnYF-b3ezSrpmzhQu0Jord knows the importance of creative thinking and inspiring moments in time through sustainable designs. Their hand crafted wooden collections are perfect examples of well thought out craftsmanship, reminding us the importance of appreciating time spent developing a product that start conversations between perfect strangers.



Click here to get your hands on your own Jord piece!!!

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The Beauty of Height, Style, and Entrepreneurship With Marge Founder & CEO Kaersten Cooper

This past July Marge clothing launched their F/W ’15 collection giving us “Talls” another strong expressive platform in a clothing industry that commonly tends to leave out  “above average” woman. Growing up taller than most of my female peers, it was hard to find clothing that fit my body let alone stylish. Now as an adult I’m always on the hunt for clothing that allows me to embrace my height (6’1) and translate my love of style.  Founder and CEO of Marge Clothing Kaersten Cooper saw the need for ready-to-wear that caters to taller woman. With a passion to inspire those that were once boxed out, Kaersten has dedicated her talents to help women embrace what makes them stand out and love “Life Up Here.” It was an honor to interview such a warm hearted spirit such as Kaersten and hope that you are filled with as much inspiration as I was after speaking with her.


What was it like growing up as a tall girl and how has that influenced your career?

I’m openly admitting that it was at times a struggle, weather it be akawardly trying to fit in, to taking school photos  i think essentially my emotional state wasn’t playing catch up with how fast I was growing if that makes sense. I was really tall at an early age. Obviously I knew I would be tall, my father is 6’6 and my mother is 5’10 so i easily predicted my trajectory but I think early on emotionally it was just really hard during the impressionable years to understand height and kind of embrace it as an asset. That was more during my impressionable years of Jr. High/high school but as i began to evolve as a person just emotionally and really figuring out who I was (granted that’s a life long process) there were elements of how great height can be and so I’d have to say it was my early 20’s that I began to really feel satisfied with the fact that height is something different and incredibly unique.

How I have leveraged that in my career before Marge height has really been a huge assist professionally. People obviously look up to you, you command attention, you tend to earn more, just a variety of things that are a benefit to being tall, and so when starting “large” i’ve gone through those life challenges like many other  tall women have on their own unique journeys. For me Marge was sort of the perfect platform to solidify my positive loving nature of height and invite fellow tall women to feel the same, to embrace and enjoy what we have called our brand essence “Life Up Here”.

Maybe i was a little bit slower compared to tall friends that embraced their height from the get go but for me it was a little bit of a journey and i think through those challenging moments when you doubt yourself, when you feel physically insecure or different i think its in those moments when you start to begin to formulate your own story.

Marge Clothing, Fashion, Designer, Kaersten Cooper, Style

When did you realize designing was your passion and you wanted a career in it?

I was really very fortuante at an early age to be exposed to kind of the behind the scenes of the patterning making, the construction, the illustrations. My grandmother was a really talented illustrator and designer in the 20’s and 30’s and so my great mother, my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt all were very creative in essence teaching me how to sew and taught me everything I learned and have applied in college and i think my early interest peeked by my grandmother. Seeing how amazing her illustrations were, seeing photos of my aunts and my mother in ballgowns with silk organza and all these intricate appliqués it was just WOW. You could take a concept from beginning and bring it to life into something that makes someone feel beautiful and amazing. I love the idea of adoring the tall frame as it relates to Marge, its such a motivation for me. I’ve been in and out of the fashion industry weather it be a start-up or be it certain accounts but never fully emerged until Marge.

You’re very open about how influential your grandmother Majore has been in your career as a designer. Could you talk about the impact a mentor like your grandmother plays in the development of someones career?

I think it’s so important as a women in your career at any stage to have a mentor in your journey. Granted my grandmother was my mentor at an early career i’ve been lucky to garner a number of mentors throughout my career especially with Marge. Its been crucial really to help navigate through big decisions when it comes launching a company but i think for women and entrepreneurs in general its great to ask questions ans seek out those who you emulate. When you’re open, when you’re vulnerable, when you put yourself out there and ask for help i think the world will surprise you with what comes about.

By that vulnerability you in essence are building such a solid foundation towards the next step in your career and building a great relationship to help nurture you along the way. Its so important for women in business to support one another and I feel mentoring is huge and women building each other up is such a key focus for Marge. Working with younger girls bringing them into the office to help expose them to the fashion world and process offering our expertise and experience. Having a mentor can really change the way you pursue your career.


The growth of women owned businesses has bloomed rapidly over the last 4-5 years. What advise would you like to bestow on women on their own journey towards enterprenurship?

First i’d like to say Congratulations, because making this desicion to dive in is a big one and there’s alot to take into account when you decided you officially move forward with an idea, a company, a group of friends what ever business you decided to create. My advise is to again congratulate yourself, acknowledge the journey that you’ve been on and trust in yourself. Trust in your intuition, trust in your experience that you can take this very very far.

What can we expect to see in the future from Marge Clothing?

I wish i could reveal everything but we are in a really exciting time right now. The feed back has been incredible pushing forward with the idea of Marge is addressing a particular type of catagory within the larger tall women apparel industry and that in itself is defining that. There alot of exciting things to come over the next few months and revealing our winter pieces big wool coats, and winter options. I think in moving forward with Marge by way of the feed back its been so encouring that we’re only going to grow and expand our number of styles, quantities and size ranges. We’re really listening to all the feed back were getting and since we are redefining fit for tall women we really want to evolve that

What advice would you like to give “Talls” that are having a difficult time embracing their height?

Such a thoughtful question… I want to reference a line from you site because it is really powerful ” Through fashion life is experiencing lifes glass as half full”. Get comfortable with reflecting on who you are outside of being tall and having the glorious gift of height such a small factor of who we really are. Incredibly intelligent, sophisticated, beautiful, driven successful women and you kind of reflection on the power of that combination and relfecting on the relationships you’ve over time the experiences you’ve gone through are all bulding blocks to help make you who you are. I feel that “Talls” should take a step back look at it holistically, give thanks, be humble and be reflective and appreciate where you are, the love an embracing of height sometimes happens at an early age others like me it takes sometime, but its an dilectiable experience being tall. Find tall communitites to enjoy you height with and embrace it. Look at your life as a complete person tall being one small part of it because your amazing and should treat yourself that way. Invest in yourself and the love of your height will come .

Marge Clothing

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Take a Peak at some go my favorite items from their F/W2015 collection below LOOKBOOK HERE

Learning When to Cut Loose: Greatest Day Ever Edition

Princess of the EDM Function

I have never been a believer of “playing the wall” at any function that plays reggae, EDM, club music or anything else with a bass line deep enough to have your ancestors twerking and I saved up all the little youthful juice I could for this past weekends “Greatest Day Ever” party in Brooklyn. I had been playing grown-up all week pushing out orders, praying to clock out and so decided to get a Diana Ross weave (which didn’t last 28 hrs), throw on sneakers, and put my ticket to good use. The gang trucked across the bridge to throw the week into the wind and get way more sweaty than expected. (I literally felt like I took all the dust from the abandon lot home with me *gross*)

The day party had taken social media by storm last year and given me a huge dose of F.O.M.O *Fear of missing out*, so when the tickets released, text messages went flying and our little group of ten planned on taking Greatest Day Ever by storm. Being on the other side of 25 made me a bit skeptical about partying with 18 year olds (no shade but…shade) and everything went wrong before even heading out the door. My hair came out super tangled, my skirt ripped while heading out the door, and an “I’m too old for this” melt down loomed over me. I sat with a comb stuck in my hair, favorite skirt ruined, and feeling the tears brew when I heard my phone chime with the message  “Son WHERE ARE YOU?!”.  I had worked hard all week looking forward for this and now I was allowing a few bad outcomes end my day before it even started. Self doubt crawled into my mind and and now little set backs convinced me I wasn’t worthy of a good time. It was at that moment I decided not to allow  “age anxiety”  get the best of me and took some of my advice from  “30 things to do before, during, & after 30” 

30.) Cherish Yourself

“Everything begins with your well being and counting the days till you are no longer a “spring chicken” is a sure fire way on overshadowing the wonderful person you are”

I could sit at home lurking Facebook post of awesome times of yesteryear beating myself up about my age or I could focus on  celebrating life and we all deserve a good ole’ hardy turn up!  I caught myself playing down the power of self accpetance, and not putting enough faith in my (same age group) turn up crew to make a great time happen no matter what hurdles swing my way. A day filled with beers, trill music, and loving friendships allowed me to sweat the week away and feel confident in myself. I hold the torch of badassness and after a bit of reflection I strolled into the GDE gates ready to take on the dance floor (well…. dusty pavement)

serena williams, fire

In all honesty i’m still more comfortable partying with an older crowd mostly because I’d like to not be the only person/group that goes crazy when the original version of “Ginuwine: Pony” is played, but the lesson I’m highlighting today is recognizing when self-doubt sprouts in your heart and find outlets that remind you how FUCKIN’AMAZING you truly are.  Go out looking your best, ready to dance, sweat like crazy while celebrating the life you’ve been blessed with. For those few hours forget the things you can not change and trust in yourself to attack the world and achieve your goals. You deserve to enjoy yourself and let nothing (INCLUDING YOURSELF) tell you other wise.


OOTD: 100 packs of hair, Express Leggings, Forever 21 Ban top (similar) , Ray-ban Shades, Nikes via KithNYC

Check out the rest of our adventures below :)  and make sure to visit brunchbounce.com for more cool events!

Stay Vibrant Love Always


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PS. theres a few missing but you get the jest’ LOL

Tops For Your Body Type


More and more women are embracing their shapes but while many know how to dress, others are still lost about what flatters their curves. With the surge of body positive bloggers spreading the the importance of loving who you are, we are raising a generation of women that love their bodies. In a journey of embracing yourself  it’s important to find clothing that allows you to venture into the world with confidence instead of trying to hide.  Here are a few great tips that may help!

The Round Top:

If you gain weight around your midsection or are post-pregnancy, loose fitting clothes are best. Select tops like the one below from Daniel Rainn offer fun designs that help camouflage your stomach.

Daniel Rainn is comprised of detailed and constructive pieces that are soft, chic and feminine, yet also effortlessly sexy and cool. Danielrainn.com

Daniel Rainn

The Inverted Triangle:

You find your shoulders are wider than your hips, and you have little to no waist definition. Many models like Naomi Campbell can be seen on the catwalk with this shape. Choose a top like this one from DKNY, that outlines your upper body yet softens it.

DKNY is the energy and spirit of New York. International, eclectic, fun, fast and real. DKNY addresses the real-life needs of people everywhere, from work to weekend, jeans to evening. Both fashionable and friendly, DKNY consistently delivers its unique mix of style around the world. DKNY.com

The Rectangle:
If you have the straight-up-and-down figure often considered “boyish” or “sporty”, opt for styles that hug your waist and flare at the bottom to create your curves. Tops like the Calvin Rucker one below creates structure with a belt that can be adjusted to your liking. The top can be paired with various bottoms to create the day or nighttime look.

Calvin Rucker is casual couture for the creative class, which merges a luxurious, sexy classicism with a rebel streak of casual. Two well-known designers Caroline Calvin and Joie Rucker created the LA based brand. Calvinrucker.com

Pressing the Reset Button


(Kaftan via Marshalls, Shorts from H&M, Bathing suit top Forever21 all from my closet 😆)

Tis’ the season to be brunching and what better way to celebrate the first weekend of July by heading to an Everyday People Brunch. I sent out the Facebook invite to my girls, “Budget Shopped” my closet, and made sure the fro was present for the event.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day as we headed to LA Marina in our best “beachy” outfits. Hosted by Chef Roble , Saada along side elite tastemakers, we primped and chatted as we waited on line with other vibrant attendees. Making past the doorman and friendly security we had sand between our toes, drinks in hand, and the DJ making the crowd groove as the breeze danced along side us.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my work week that I dismiss the importance of getting with my friends and cutting loose. There has been a shift in my professional life which has been blocking my creative outlets, and causing me to doubt my own talents. After talking to those closest to me I’ve been reminded how life is about balance and i must celebrate the gifts I’ve been blessed with. Just because I clock in to work for a company doesn’t mean I can’t balance my personal branding and make time to enjoy life. The universe reacts to our actions and by changing my negative out look I’m letting the world know I’m ready for some positive changes no matter how scary they maybe.

Many of us Millennials struggle with balancing 9-5’s to pay for student loans, striving for the life our parents want for us, with wanting to pave our own way and becoming businesses owners. Burnout is something we constantly feel creeping into our professional and personal lives but stepping away from it all to press the rest button is KEY to survival.

Everyday People Brunch is that escape that we need to shake off our struggles and let the DJ and drinks wash over us. EPB has grown gracefully into one of the most talked about events of the spring/summer season and every time I attend I leave my heart on the dance floor. Good food, drinks flowing, and DJs dropping tracks causing the crowd to shout “DAMN THAT’S MY SHIT!”. This brunch has became one of the highlights of my summer events and I’m looking forward to their next “bashment”!

Ps: My phone died before I could get great photos but thank goodness for IGer @Micro_don’t_daddy for capturing these lovely images 😆



Xoxo Tallglassofstyle

30 Things to Do Before, During, & After 30

tumblr_mjemkwboka1r1ft0fo1_500Before you start booing me off stage let me ensure you that 30 is not the end!!! Your twenties has a shiny “youthful” stereotype cast over it, and many women believe that after 25 its a landslide in to the dark abyss. It took me until I was on the other side of twenty-five to realized the fear of getting older is something forced down a our throats. Even before entering college we develop a fear of blowing out candles and this “race against MR TIME” theory has us missing out on the true beauty of getting older. I never hear people randomly asking men their age,  yelling at them for not being married before the 3-0 or openly telling them that their ovaries will dust over by 27 if we don’t  start popping out “Little Ones”…..

Instead of making a list of things to do before 30 with the looming undertone of demise, I wanted to create something that stimulates celebration and promotes women to try things that they can do at and stage in life.


1.) Start Journaling

Even if it’s not daily even only a sentence at a time, recording your experiences in your own words will be a cherished keep sake that you’ll be able to reflect on through life. I recently dug up a journal I had from 9th to 10th grade and relieved my high school sweet heart in all it’s melodramtic glory. Reading it showed me how love has evolved in my life and how much of an impact that relationship had on my love stories to follow.


2.) Switch to Tea

There’s a chance you’re staring at the computer as if Medusa herself may spring form the screen, but trust me when i say cutting back on coffee can do wonders for your health. The caffeine in coffee is said to stimulate your stress hormones, acidity levels found are extremely high, and once depended on the caffeine produced from coffee it is harder for your body to produce natural energy stimulants. (More info here |HUFFINGTONPOST|)

Starting with black tea will help cut your habits, and overtime will help transition you  to caffeine free teas. Being depend on caffeine via coffee during my college days turned into a full blown addiction leading to a nasty personality when ever i didn’t have my fix, weight gain, and also crashing. Theres a Starbucks on every city block but remember you can always order a “Dirty Oprah” instead

**Thank Me Later***

3.) Have a Spa Day

4.) karaoke


5.) Take Dance Lessons

6.) Buy a Sex Toy

Yeah I said it…

Even now a days when oversexed images and topics slaps us in the face soon as we turn on the tv or open a magazine women are still scared to contribute to the “Self Love’ jar. A full on dildo can be a bit evasive,but a fun little pocket size bullet or the old school finger walk downtown will do the trick after a stressful day and a one way ticket to O town. If all else fails…. Always have a removal shower head in your bathroom…. YOU’RE WELCOME GIRL.


7.) Buy a Slow Cooker

I have no clue what I was doing before I got a slow cooker. Chop it up, throw it in the slow cooker for 4 hours and BOOM STEW.

8.) Try Bikram Yoga

9.) Go Skydiving


10.) Take yourself on Date

Go get your hair done, put on a nice outfit, and take yourself out. Even if you just go to the movies, or have a cup of coffee ALONE there’s something to experience when you don’t have that friend buffer. You are completely in the world with your thoughts experiencing life, which may seem like a simple task but taking the time for yourself is a hell of an eye opening experience.

11.) Ask for HIS number

12.) Drink more water



The worlds splendor can’t be captured by scrolling through other peoples Instagram pages. It may not be in your budget to fly to Fiji or summer in Rome, but preparation is KEY. Select a place you’ve never been, create a budget and subscribe to travel blogs/site that alert you on deals, BOOK AND GO. You can come up with a million excuses but the world is here to explore… even if you only go out of  state… DO IT.

14.) Social Media Diet… Because we all need a break from this shit TBH.

15.) Create a realistic budget

16.) Get More Sleep


17.) Take a cooking class

There’s a famous saying, “the way to a mans heart is through their stomach” but girl you can buy him a steak and achieve the same damn outcome… Learn how to cook for yourself! You deserve to come home and treat yourself to a top chef dinner so take a fun class with your lady friends and start making your own feast and if you have a partner to bless with your new found gifts than that wonderful.. but THIS IS FOR YOU QUEEN.

18.) Pay it forward

The smallest act of kindness goes along way in a world that has seen so much darkness especially in recent days. Simple good morning, holding the door for someone, or paying the toll for the car behind you a little act shifts a persons entire mood.

19.) Switch to Organic

20.) Clean Out your inbox


21.) Get a daring haircut

A woman cutting her hair is a sign of a significant shift in their lives. Whether it’s a breakup, moving out, or just a seasonal change up I speak from experience when I say cutting off the locks is liberating.

22.) Join a bookclub


23.) Cut Cable

Sounds odd but cable is an added bill that has proven it’s self useless in my opinion. With straight to tv apps like Hulu, Netflix, and HBOGo the idea of paying $120 + to have endless channels that usually have nothing on is a waste of money. Cutting it out will free to “SAVE”, get those shoes, or TRAVEL depending if you followed those tips above.

24.) Go back to School

This may not be for everyone but many of us (including myself) have been toying with the idea of “Starting over”, expanding their careers, or just achieving their own goal of getting/furthering their education. Knowledge is a beautiful gateway to new life experiences so whether it’s getting that bachelors, Masters, or Yoga Cert. start the journey of achieving that goal.

25.) Learn how to make a wicked cocktail

I mean 007 looks like a boss when making one, and think of how you’ll be the toast of every party with your drink slinging know skills


26.) Meditate

27.) Look at your vagina

Like the character Charlotte from Sex and the City (Season 4 Eps. 2 “The Real Me) a large number of women don’t know what their own vaginas LOOK LIKE. They see a photo of what it should look like in a text book during sex ed in HighSchool and than push it to the back of their minds. Don’t even go on to tips 29 & 30 before grabbing a mirror and looking at your “FLOWER”. Consider it a unique snowflake especially since all women look different in that region. Its a part of your body and getting to know yourself physically includes embracing ALL OF YOU!


28.) Binge Marathon Sex and the City… BECAUSE DUH!

29.) Support Local artist and businesses


30.) Cherish yourself.

I technically group this tip with every one i’ve stated. You are the gatekeeper of your heart, mind, body, and soul and by learning to appreciate and love who you are as a woman you will create one of the most important relationships you will ever have. Everything begins with your well being and counting the days till you are no longer a “spring chicken” is a sure fire way on overshadowing the wonderful person you are. Embrace the wisdom and beauty that comes with age ladies cause no one likes YOUNG WINE!


xoxo Tallglassofstyle

Festival Season Skin Prep

That’s right, music festival season is upon us and next up is COACHELLA-ELLA – ELLA (sorry Rihanna takes over at times)!  Anyway, before maxing our credit cards at the mall and liquor stores, let’s not forget a very important layer – OUR SKIN! As if liquor isn’t enough to dehydrate you, imagine being in the desert with hundreds of partygoers. Dehydration is a HUGE problem at Coachella! It’s not only hot during the day but it’s freezing at night, and while camels aren’t walking around, it’s still VERY dry. Before ruining your skin before summer begins, here are some beauty products you can (and should!) use to protect your skin – your skin will thank you!

For more information on VI DERM visit http://www.vipeel.com/ for a variety of other products to that promote healthy skin.


Name: VI DERM Intense Hydration Serum

Price: $40.00

Where to buy: http://www.vipeel.com/products/vi-derm/vi-derm-intense-hydration-serum.html

An advanced corrective formula that fuses stem cell technology, peptides and humectants to nourish dehydrated skin. The age defying ingredients work harmoniously to restore hydration and seal in moisture. This replenishing serum soothes dry skin while improving the texture for an aII-day luminous glow.



Name: VI DERM SPF 50+ Sun Protection

 Price: $30.00

Where to buy: http://www.vipeel.com/products/vi-derm/spf50.html

 Description: VI DERM SPF 50+ Sun Protection provides broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection. The water resistant formula remains active for up to 40 minutes while participating vigorous aerobic activity (water or sweat). Its light weight formulation feels weightless on the skin.



Name: VI DERM Cleanser for ALL Skin Types

 Price: $30.00

Description: This aloe based gel cleanser effectively removes dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin. Packed with antioxidants, the VI DERM Cleanser for ALL skin types is a sulfate and paraben free, leaving the skin refreshed, revitalized and radiant.



Name: VI DERM Exfoliating Body Lotion

 Price: $40.00

 Where to buy: http://www.vipeel.com/products/vi-derm/bodylotion.html

 Description:  VI DERM Exfoliating Body Lotion penetrates deep into the skin increasing collagen formation and new skin cell production. The innovative lotion contains retinyl palimate which works in conjunction with the glycolic acid to remove the outer layers of thickened and damaged skin, leaving the skin smoother, firmer and radiant.


TTYA Launches Second Collection with Long Tall Sally !

Long Tall SallyPhotographer Jeff Hahn shot the campaign featuring model Jamie Gunns.

British Fashion Designer Irebne Agbontaen has joined forces with Long Tall Sally once again to bring us Amazons 25 drop dead gorgeous pieces to add to our spring rotation! I lived in their last seasons pieces (HERE) and this collection will be no different! Especially cut for women 5’8 and taller, this edgy collection will be welcoming additions to our wardrobe. TTYA x Long Tall Sally will be available in sizes 4-16 with prices from $49 – $179 and I am lusting over every single piece.

Check out the entire collection HERE

xoxo tallglassofstyle

Amazons Unite: Long Tall Sally NY Pop Up Shop

2015-03-07 15.17.20

Last Saturday my long limbs carried me down to Chelsea NY for the Long Tall Sally Pop Up Shop. Entering the beautiful open space was dream like and seeing my fellow “talls” shopping for (well fitting) clothing warmed my heart! It was a great feeling to finally be having a shopping experience with women looking to discover things made especially for us!

I helped style attendees creating bonds, and being completely motivated by their smiles as they left the pop up shop with new outfits.  From shoes STARTING from size 12, to pants long enough to actually cover our ankles, Long Tall Sally had us feeling like well dressed Amazon Queens. I wore the Georgette Sleeve Woven Top , The Check Skinny Jean , and light weight black duster (similar here) .  2015-03-07 13.35.34

I had such a lovely time at the Long Tall Sally Pop-up Shop and finally got to meet fellow tall girl blogger The Tall Muse who is not only stunning but a wonderful spirit and I can’t wait to link up in the future! If you’re in the Washington D.C. area this weekend make sure to check out their pop-up shop Friday and Saturday! (Details Here) 

Make sure to check out their Spring items HERE 

Tipping My Hat for Winter

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New Jersey weather has been unforgiving for these last few weeks of winter hitting us with single digit climates and HELLA snow! Having to pull my body out of bed and hour earlier than usual to clean off my car has not been a picnic but there’s something beautiful about seeing my backyard covered in white. We did luck out with a small break in freezing weather and I got to leave my huge puffer at home, layer up, and actually let the world SEE MY OUTFIT.

I’ve been pushing myself to bring TallGlassofStyle to the next level with a full on make over, catering to my beautiful Amazons by expanding on lifestyle post. Besides a huge surface makeover, I’m hard working with other creatures to bring you guys amazing content! My anxiety of this self imposed project has been a little overwhelming but to make sure i’m giving you beautiful beings the best of the best I will be making this transition slowly so stay tuned here and make sure to follow my FaceBook Page for all my behind the scenes updates, content, and post!

I recently got my hands on a few Spring Collection pieces from my loves at Long Tall Sally helping me transition smoothly into warmer temps. Being a long limbed giant had me on the hunt for YEARS (no seriously like 2 YEARS!!!) to find a pair of wide leg high waist bottoms, that don’t suffocate my thick thighs and once again Long Tall Sally eased my stress by making this beautiful Wide Leg Jean! Throwing on a boyfriend tee, a strikingly blue textured blazer also from Long Tall Sally, booties and a vintage throw I was ready to enjoy the break in weather. I teamed up with photographer Shaka Cummingham of Zulu Photography to get these great images and share the details of my outfit.

Check out the rest of the post below and scroll down for outfit details!

PS: Make sure to meet and shop with me in NY Sat. March 7th for Long Tall Sallys POP-UP Shop!

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xoxo: TallGlassofStyle

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Shirt: J.Crew | Blazer: Long Tall Sally | Pant: Long Tall Sally | Shoe: Dolce Vita (similar here)

Necklace: New York & Company (similar here)

Hat : Forever 21|  Bag: Forever 21 | Sunnies: Nordstroms 

Photography: ZuluPhotography (Email: Fernika28@yahoo.com )