Things Bamz Heard Weekly Playlist Earth Wind & Fire Edition


2016 just started and we have already lost a string of great artist that shaped the music we have today. Natalie Cole, David Bowie, and yesterday we lost Maurice White lead singer of one of the greatest bands in history Earth Wind and Fire. Their music is deeply embed in African American culture blasting at every single wedding, bbq and family reunion bringing us together in harmony. I grew up hearing their music as a soundtrack every Sunday while my mother (and I) cleaned the house and got dinner together becoming a ritual I will never stray from. Unfortunately many people have no clue who Earth Wind and Fire is basically shrugging them off as “Auntie Music” (aka music for older people) so this is my effort in changing that. I created two Spotify playlist, the first containing a FRACTION of popular music made from samples (Full list here) of Earth Wind and Fire songs and the second will be a few of my favorites fork their albums over the years. I encourage you guys to take the over the weekend to let the music move you, inspire you, and get you through this  weekend with an appreciation for those who paved the way for many of the artist we love today.

Thank you Earth Wind and Fire and RIP to the magical Maurice White



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Keeping Stylishly Warm

Cozy Gal Sweaters

The weather has finally caught up with us after weeks of comfortable temperature and just a few added layers. Now we’re stuck grabbing everything hanging in our closet in hopes of fighting off the bitter cold but who wants to get to office looking more like a frumpy ice monster? I’m a lover of all things textured, colorful, and most importantly budget friendly so click the links to find out where you can all the sweaters featured above all under $80! The best part of it…. you won’t even have to worry about leaving the house to do so.
 5.)Chicwish | 6.)Romwe
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Things Bamz Heard Weekly Playlist Vol.3


I had to battle the flu on my birthday week and now that im finally out of the woods with the weekend  upon us… A STORM IS COMING TO F&CK OUR SHIT UP! *Hence my proper use of the gif above* Well since we can’t fight mother nature lets all wish for the best, break out the hot coco and turn up the tunes as we ride this thing out!

Here’s to a good weekend no matter the weather!


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ThingsBamzHeard Weekly Playlist Vol. 1 & 2


It’s finally the end of the week and time to do everything you couldn’t get to do doing the work week. I have a million and 10 things on my to do list but I plan on doing most of those things with a glass of wine in my system and good music playing in the background. I’m sure many of my fellow weekenders feel the same so I’ve decided to start sharing some of my favorite tunes with you in hopes that I can inspire a great few days off ! I’m a lover of music ranging from 60’s classics, vogue music, dancehall, ballads, trap, underground hiphop… THE WORKS so be prepared for all types of amazing musical choices! I’ve provided two different streaming options for you’re listening pleasure Soundcloud and Spotify… and since we are in the second week of the new year you have FOUR playlist to choose from@ Hope you enjoy a few Things Bamz(me) Heard and if your loving make sure to share and tweet me!

Here’s to a great weekend!


Planning Ahead & The Beauty of Adulting


Ok so if you read my last few post (The Aquarian Struggle & New Year, Old Wears)  you have been informed that I have finally embraced a bit of adult like behavior and bought a legit planner. Not a cute little thing I saw stilling on a random shelf as I wait to be rung up next, Im talking about sitting down and searching the internet for something that would really set me up for success this year. I little back ground on my journey… I SUCK AT TIME MANAGEMENT . Plenty of times I have tired to ignore the need for organization in my life and wanted to live the life of a careless teenager, but after hundreds of failed attempts and it just not being cute anymore I decided something needed to change. I have failed to show up to events, friendly get togethers and missed bill payments. YUP. I have really been struggling with being a good grown up.


Some of my missed social events can be credited to my anxiety but at the end of the day many of these events skipped, projects submitted late, and let down friends have done nothing but cost me money, hindered networking, and caused bad blood in good friendships. I wasn’t taking the time to sit down and find the value in others time because I didn’t see the importance of my own and I refuse to bring that into my 30’s. *PAUSE TO FREAK OUT AT MY PENDING AGE* This has forced me to get a grip on my life inspiring me to put good intentions into practice. Enters… THE GOAL DIGGER PLANNER.

Susana Rodriguez creator of this beautiful line of planners developed this motivational tool to help women celebrate life through setting goals, planning out their journey and celebrate accomplishments. Susan answered my prayer to the universe by creating a system in which I can see where I start to where I want to be, allowing me to not only schedule appointments but also push me to be a better version of me.

The planner gives your space to write down your dreams, goals for the year, a Note to Self section allowing you to write a letter to yourself projecting what you want to achieve this year also great breakdowns of the days, weeks, months to come. The planner makes you think, figure out what is important and helps you shape the year ahead. I am certain getting a planner is detailed process and purchasing one is the first step to getting your goals in order.  So make this your Beyonce year and go for what’s yours girl!!!!


The Goal Digger Planner‘s have sold out a few times already but you can get a notification sent to you soon as they are restocked and I am encouraging you to do so! Scroll down to sneak a peek on how it looks inside and stay tuned for great “PLANNER MAINTENANCE” tips coming next week!






New Year,Old Wears & The Case of Side Eye


I’ve been pleasantly shifting through the second week of our new year and so far Ive embraced using my calendar, been repeating my inspirational quotes, and even went on another job interview! It’s clear that I am already having a lovely start but I think I have to reach back and bring up some “ole sh*t”. Don’t freak out I promise I’m not trolling your timeline for that misspelled tweet (lol) Im talking about some good ole VINTAGE. I was in my local thrift store late last year with a small budget and a lot of imagination when I came across this beautiful sequin sweater. I stared at her *the sweater* and had we lovely conversation which lead to her adoption.

Me: “Hey Girl! I know we just met but I feel like I just KNOW you. Is that weird?”

Sweater: “GIRL NAW! I saw you walking in fly as ever and knew we had to be friends!”


Sweater:”DUH!”DSC_9729 (1)

Dollars in hand I ran to the cashier, gave me the illest case of side eye and passive judgment but within minutes my new BBF and I  were on our way home. She was gently hand washed in my sink, laid out to dry and dreamt about through the night assisting me to a needed slumber. I woke up in joy that bestie and I where going to take over the world, but my feelings soured quickly as I walked to my newly washed master piece, coffee in hand, reality slapping me all in my grill.

“WTF am I going to wear with this thing?!”

So, like any confused “fashionista”  I avoid the situation completely and let that sucker stay neatly folded at the bottom of my closet. Yup, ladies and gentlemen I let my new BBF stay there for WEEKS just because I was doubtful that I wasn’t fly enough to rock it. I wanted to just chuck the thought away and truly forget I even picked it up but the truth is I was a derailed but the look the lady at the counter gave me when I purchased the sweater. I let those few moments of judgment make me feel like maybe I was being too over the top and that OTHERS wouldn’t like my new little friend.

Once it hit me that I was allowing my expression to being compromised, that I was neglecting my New Best Friend, I took her out and threw her on. I remember when I would walk out the house in whatever made me feel great and let the side eyes fall by the waste side. Lately I have questioned the relationships I held so dearly with my clothing and allowed my vibrant pieces hang in order to not offend. Some feel uncomfortable with vibrance and difference and allowing that to intercept something I love… is just… WRONG. I pulled out my DIY wide leg pants, put on my highest pumps and let the FRO GLOW. It sucks when you feel the need to hide things that make you feel awesome and I’m working on never allowing that to happen again. So when  I feel as if I want to hide my shine Im just going to remember how awesome my pieces. So I rocked this outfit with the poetic words of Tokyo Styles rocking in the back of my head…

Check out the rest of my shoot below!

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The Aquarian Struggle


 So we’re here… WE MADE IT *hopefully smoothly* into a new year! I hope you have set the goals you want to accomplish through out the year, cleaned out those junk emails… and popped champagne like a real G once the ball dropped. This year I have committed myself to becoming a better individual in spirit, friendship, love and dedication to achieving my passions. I can’t wait to see where our journey takes up and I am looking forward to sharing my experience and tips on how we all can keep on track. I am a true blue Aquarius and struggle balancing my creative spirit and real life responsibilities so with the power of Google Calendar I am committed to making this year My Bit*h….. I mean conquering my goals :).

Since I am going to clearly be spending a lot of time in my mobile office (anywhere with caffeine and free wifi) I want to make sure Im cute comfortable and most importantly WARM. Thank goodness for the saviors at The Height and their “Marble Sweater” designed for Tall women. Paired up with my favorite Long Tall Sally Leggings and Elara Suede Knee Highs, I have the perfect outfit for a date with my laptop. Let’s see where this year takes us!


Sweater | Leggings | Boots 



A Rewind Of Style

wpid-dsc_6071-01.jpegI cant believe that we are at the door of a New Year, and I feel as if it smacked me right in the face with out warning. This past year I made NY my second home, partied it up, and created new and loving relationships. I did shit I should have never done, experienced things I cant wait to do again, and most of all “Fu*ked the summer up” LOL. I went into the year without an airtight plan and I think I experienced life a bit more because of it, but this year I want to have a “LITTLE” more structure.

I’ve gotten a journal, a planner and created a vision board. Yes me the time management ball dropper, the last minute ninja, the “Ill do it tomorrow” queen has taken time out to envision what her she wants out of her life and created a plan of attack. I still will live my life as the creative introvert you all know and love but with more intention and effort to connect with the world around me.

I have a lot more to share with you guys and I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you that have taken time out of your day to come and read my silly little words about things that matter to me. Your time and support is appreciated!!! Ill be sharing my personal goals with you in the New Year but for now here is a recap of all my style personal style post from this year. :)

PS  2015 STYLE Resolutions still apply for 2016 LOL !

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The Growth A New Year Brings


It has been a beautiful year for me filled to the brim with laughter, tears, conquering of fears and uncertain moments. I went to more concerts than ever before, lost friends, gained sisters and been challenged to grow into a better human. I wanted to write a long think piece explaining all the “Ah-Ha” moments Ive experienced this year and lay out all the times I’ve had sleepless nights filled with tears but I rather keep it simple ( & Funky) by letting you know how happy I am that I have gone through these things and come out on the other side better.

I have nothing but positive feelings for the year approaching and whenever things get ugly I can reflect on how I made it through prior years and see the light on the other side. My goals are set, my vision board is in process… Hell I even got a planner ( Goal Digger Planner) to keep me on track in efforts to go in strong but unlike years past I refuse to beat myself down if I slip up. Instead I will pick myself up, dust off, and do it all again.

I want us to enter this new year with love in out heart, goals in our future and giving ourselves the permission to be human. I am sending you positive vibes with an abundance of blessings and support on your journeys 2016. The goals you set will be realized with planning determination and belief in yourself.

xoxo Tallglassofstyle

Dress: Long Tall Sally

Shoes: Long Tall Sally

Stole: Vintage (My Grandmothers) Similar

Check out the rest of my shoot with (my fav) photographer (Ig @shakazuluphotography )









60 + Small Businesses To Shop This Holiday


It’s that time of year again we where we are making out our holiday gift list for all of our loved ones and keeping a little room for a little something for ourselves. I’ve always been a lover of shopping small businesses and supporting others as they work are to achieve their goals of entrepreneurship and this is the perfect time to promote shops that provide unique, creative, and wonderful products. Supporting small businesses puts the power and money back in communities and those looking to leave their make on the world especially when it comes to black owned businesses.  (more…)