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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis recent shift in weather has not made me a happy camper, but with cool weather and falling leaves comes a great excuse to go shopping! Thank goodness the beautiful souls at Long Tall Sally heard my cry for help and sent me some really incredible pieces to help me curate a stunning Fall/winter ready wardrobe.


Why Every Industry Newbie Should Attend Simply Stylish Fashion & Beauty Conference

Treats and sweets  photo Credit: Soul Brother

Treats and sweets photo Credit: Soul Brother

There’s nothing like receiving a dose of motivational guidance and Simply Stylist Fashion & Beauty Conference provides that and so much more. This foregoing Saturday I made my way to Park Central Hotel for the networking event, which kicked off with welcoming words from Founder Sarah Boyd.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo Credit: Soul Brother

During ten successful years in PR, Sarah witnessed first hand how cut throat and cold it could be for those starting or seeking growth in the fashion industry. Sarah made the decision to create her own boutique agency connecting tastemakers to brands. Growing and developing rapidly, Sarah’s drive to connect and provide opportunities to those trying to find their footing in the industries made Simply Stylist Conferences the core of the company.

IMG_2067 Photo Credit: Soul Brother

Partnering this year with Marie Claire Magazine Simply Stylish Conference started the day off with a light networking brunch allowing all the attendees to mingle and meet each other including the speakers and brands of the day. After the brunch we made our way upstairs to the conference room, where Catt Sadler Of E News! hosted the event keeping us on our toes with her vibrant energy and witt. Actress Jamie Chung provided us with tips on how she balances her acting career and lifestyle blog What The Chung? , followed by speakers Dj/Founder of Beautified App/ Social Media maven Hanna Bronfman, and top bloggers Danielle Bernstein founder of WEWOREWHAT and JACEY DUPRIE of Damsel in Dior all giving candid insider tips on how to start your blog, and the importance to staying true to yourself. We heard from great insiders including  Jessica Minkoff of Marie Claire, Peter Davis of Daily Front Row, Tanya Klich of Entrepreneur, Anna Jimenez of New Beauty, Jennifer Norman of derma e, Celebrity Stylist, Madison Guest and Celebrity Haircolorist Justin Anderson to and once Elle magazine creative director and now executive creative officer of Yahoo fashion Joe Zee. After the panelist we enjoyed drinks and sweets, attend their break out sessions and Brand Experience featuring Keaton Row, derma e, Priv, Bed Head, TMG, Katherine Cosmetics, Dittos, Rack it Up, Harper Hallam, Crossroads Trading co., Pulse Laser & Skincare Center, Spots NYC.

Simply Stylish was an inspiring and encouraging event that allowed me to receive priceless guidance, make long lasting connections, and has reminded me that giving up is not an option. The positive energy in the room followed me home and has motivated me to continue on my journey to making a mark on an industry that is know for it’s unfriendly moments and extending a hand to others on their own personal journey in the industry weather it’s beauty, editorial, blogging, or any other ventures they pursue. There is always opportunity for collaborations, promoting each other, and most of all supporting your peers along the way!

Check out more photos of the vent below: Photo Credit: Soul Brother

Make sure to head to www.simplystylistxo.com to find out when the conference will be heading to a city near you!




Beauty Post: Sorry Kim… I’m going with Biotin



If you are an IG abuser who has a thing for all things Kim K. like myself, than you have seen her and hundreds (literally hundreds) of celebrities and social butterflies drinking the Hair Infinity cool aid. This past year the pink bottle has constantly popped up on my feed everytime I want to troll my favorites. At first I accepted the fact that it was just a well thought out PR stunt, but after the passing of my grandmother and favorite uncle my hair started to fall out in clumps due to stress and mourning. My once full bodied mane was showing up on my shower floor and bed sheets. I avoided heat, moisturized, ritual deep condition sessions and sleep with a satin scarf and pillows but still my hair thinned over time and now that 2015 approaches things look grim in the volume department.

I caved in and decided to visit the site and order a batch, and that is where reality struck. A single  pink plastic bottle full of thick hair hopes and dreams is $24! My money saving habits kicked in and I decided to do a little research on what Hair Infinity really can do. Most of the reviews were negative revealing that many people suffered extreme breakouts, had double charges from the company, and soon as they stopped taking the product they had extreme breakage. I was ready to just accept defeat until I discovered the active ingredient in Hair Infinity is simply….Biotin .



(photo cred: fashionable hostess )

What’s Biotin? Biotin acts as a coenzyme in several metabolic reactions. Biotin is vital to cell proliferation, which is why it is a valuable tool in hair growth. When ingested, biotin reacts with cell enzymes and plays a vital part in producing amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Hair itself consists of keratin, which is a form of protein.

Biotin can be purchased at your local grocery store and drug store for as little as $8 but Hair Infinity is geared to convince us pop culture addicts that you have to shell out tons of money for celebrity idol hair. I then geared my research on how biotin effects the body and it has been proven to cause breakouts if taken in high dosages and with out plenty of water. I also found out that Fish Oil works well with Biotin to cut down the chance of breakouts and promotes healthy skin and nail growth. I purchased my Fish oil and Biotin both from my local Walgreens on sale for around $14 (Suck on that Hair Infinity) and though I am fearful of breakouts I’m hoping for a positive out come.

I will be starting my journey with:

Biotin 5,000 MCG X every other day

Fish Oils 1,000 X Once a Day

100 (or more) Ounces of water a day

and will be documenting my growth in a post at the end of November.

You can purchase your own here. <–

Weather this method works or not the moral of this story is… Don’t just jump on the band wagon because you see a celebrated face holding it in a photo on a social network. Not a single one of them will give you a negative or realistic review of the product because i’m sure thew fine print behind their checks prevents them from doing so. Stay tuned for a truthful review, from a regular




A Toast to Curls! Tangle and Tea Brunch Series


Simply Stylist New York Fashion & Beauty Conference !!!


Get your tickets and mark your calendars Beauty and Style bloggers! Simply Stylist Fashion & Beauty conference is going be the networking and informative catalyst of the season with 11 Panelist and 5 break out sessions in one fun filled Saturday!

Hosted by Catt Sadler of E! News, Simply Stylist Fashion & Beauty Conference is designed for driven fashion, Beauty and techies to network and learn game changing tips from industry experts.

Keynote speakers include Panels



and many more including Mega Blogger Amiee Song and Style expert Jay Manual.

Here a clip of the LA conference a few months back to prep you this weekends fun!!!

Hit the link for more information and to get your tickets! Can’t wait to see you there!!!!




Keep it Clean! (How to safely clean your Perm Rods)




We always think about cleaning our makeup brushes and hair brushes but what about your rollers?! You’d be surprised how much build up if left on your perm rods. Here are a few easy steps you can follow to safely cleanse your rollers.


Tall Rebellion (TTYA X LongTallSally)

It’s an amazing day to be a style loving amazon! One of my favorite shops Long Tall Sally catering to the taller woman frame has released their collaboration collection with TTYA (Taller Than Your Average) and it is simply… AMAZING .


Tall Girl “Working it” + Giveaway! with The Limited Fall Tall Line

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Limited for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the years my love for suiting has blossomed into a full obsession, but because of my height and curvy frame it’s has been a struggle to find good fit. I recently had the opportunity to select and review some pieces from “The Limited Tall Collection”  and I am in love! I selected their Off White “Lace Front Layering Blouse”(size M) , “Inset Pencil Skirt”(size 12)  & “Collection Flap Pocket Jacket” (size 8) Both in the Wine color, and topped off the look with their beautiful  “Convertible Gem Brooch Necklace “. Standing 6’1 and being curvy has made it difficult for me to find clothing that doesn’t look like they have shrunk in the wash. Not only was the length perfect on all of the pieces but the fit hugged my structure amazingly and it’s clear that The Limited understands the woman body. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I was really excited about the Collection Flap Blazer I wore in a size 8 in the Wine color. The length of the arms were absolutely perfect, also with a longer back and torso seams for a great overall fit. I’m looking forward to rocking it with denim and other layers so I can wear it on casual days. This blazer also comes in an amazing Steel Grey color and ranges from a size 0 to 16. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Under the jacket I sported their Off White “Lace front Layering Blouse” in a size M. The blouse gave my structured suit a soft touch and I loved the feminine lace detail. It’s always a struggle to find sleeves that actually cover my wrist and I know i’ll be wearing this piece with a number of looks in the future. The shirt ranges in sizes xs-xl and is suggested Hand Wash.  I wore the “Collection Inset Pencil Skirt” in a size 10 also in the Wine color. Not only did the skirt cater to my long legs but hugged my curves perfectly with out any restrictions. The skirt also comes in Steel Grey and size ranges from 0-16. The final piece from The Limited was the ” Convertible Gem Brooch Necklace” in the pink blush color. It gave my look the touch of sparkle I needed and you can actually detach the medallion from the necklace and wear it as a brooch! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The Limited’s entire Tall Line is not only great for work attire but amazing pieces to flex from a day at the office to a remixed date night look. Not only can you get this entire look on TheLimited.com but they have also launched their brilliant “Scandal” inspired collection that also comes in Tall sizes!



One lucky tall reader is going to be able to win a $100 The Limited Gift Card, so you can try the Tall Shop for yourself.  To enter to win, you must be a subscriber of this blog and comment below that you’re following, with your name, height, email and tell me you want to shop at The Limited. For example, ‘My name is Melissa , I’m 6’4 I follow TallGLassofStyle. My Email is MelissaJones@gmail.com and I want to shop at The Limited!.” A winner will be selected and announced on TGOS on Monday September 29th 2014 and you will be contacted by email and have 24 hours to respond with your shipping information.  Good Luck!!! xoxo Tallglassofstye OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Limited. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tall Shop

The Limited

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My Top 5 Looks of Altuzarra for Target

Target Style Part 3


Style lovers are ready to get their hands on Targets collaboration with Altuzarra September 14th (this Sunday available both online and in stores.) With a history of selling out in a matter of minutes it’s great to go in with an idea of what you want from the collection before you miss out.  I’ve pieced together my favorite items from their cookbook in hopes that my fingers and wifi are fast enough to add to my cart before selling out. Which of the 5 are your favorites and what are your tips to getting the best out of popular brand collaborations?

Collection will also be available  on Net-a-porter 


When In Doubt… Suit it Out.. My NYFW Look




From up town, to downtown. From Uber rides, to dripping sweat waiting for the 1 train, I braved the unforgiving humidity and heat to capture the magic of NYFW. Unable to attend day one of this long awaited celebration of fashion and knowing the rest of my week is promised to my new job (which has me JUMPING FOR JOY :) I  made the best of it.

I kept it comfy in an oversized light weight vintage burgendy suit, and my black Nike trainers (sorry heel lovers but.. NO). Even then the humidity attacked me without mercy transforming my beloved two strand twist out in to huge afro. Uncomfortable and sticky I still had a wonderful time “Fashion Eating” all over the city and absorbing the endless street style combing outside of the ventures.

Stay tuned in for all of my personal favorite collections, trend watch, and much more from the rest of NYFW!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.37.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.38.10 PM