Note from Bamz : Finding Light in Rejection


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Yesterday afternoon one of my girlfriends and I were siting across from each other in Starbucks with our brews resting on either side of us buzzing away at laptops attacking various personal projects. It’s become a tradition of sorts for us to spend hours at the mobile office (Starbucks) balancing girl chat with real work over caffeine and free wifi. It was midway through our “Jam Session” when an alert for a “FREE” Roots Concert in central park binged from her phone. Within minutes we made a plan of attack, jam packing the next hour with work, than hightailing it into the city for the concert. We found a way to change clothes (which took way longer than planned ) and arrive at central park just in time to get turned down at the door learning the “Free Tickets” were given out days before the event . We tried everything up our sleeves to get in from acting as if we belonged in VIP (HUGEFAIL), walking around the entire HEAVILY guarded venue in hope of sneaking in, to finally walking several blocks for an ATM in hopes of buying “free tickets” off anyone who silly enough to give up ROOTS TICKETS!  It seemed hopeless as we kept getting hit with “NO’s” and we literally stood at the gate out of options. We took one last look at the lucky few strolling, turned our heels to walk away  before getting stopped.  Our ticket angel witnessed  our struggle, charged us $20 for his left over tickets and we were finally in!

A sold out concert we had no plans on going to was now right in front of us with plenty of room in the place to dance like fools. We sang at the top of our lungs having the time of our lives ending the night with pizza and a few beers at Brooklyn Bowl. We were two really determined women that went into this journey with a positive mind and even though we were at the brink of calling it a night the universe said “No worries I got you”

I woke up today I bit tired, but still buzzing from an amazing night out, wanting nothing but a hot cup of coffee to get my day started. Scrolling through my DVR to catch up on the fall line ups, sipping homebrew as my puppies snored at my feet I heard my email alert go off with a message that had the power of emotionally crumbing my entire day. I opened it  ending up on the receiving end of a rejection message from a job I really had my heart set on. I went into the interview weeks ago armed with my resume, charm, great references and informative questions. I was given a tour of the location, met the owner of the company and made sure to send a simple yet sweet thank you letter to my interviewer. I knew I qualified for the position, had the skills to pay the bills and kept a positive outlook but still I had to read the line  “We regret to inform you…”. I had been rejected.

I stared at the message prepared to let my coffee get cold and crawl back in  bed allowing defeat to wash over me. I have been on the hunt for a new position for the last two months and after rejection letters of all shapes and sizes, the jobs not matching the description I interviewed for, and having to accept less pay I had invested myself in this particular position and got a “No Thanks”.  Last night helped me choose a positive outlook because those No’s ended up helping us achieve our YES.  I could’ve sat on my couch crying over something out of my hands or I can put trust in what the universe has coming my way. Rejection fucking sucks no matter where it comes from but yesterday really prepared me to have a better reaction to what landed in my inbox this morning.

Things don’t always happen when you want them to happen and  we must remember that rejection is part of our lifes journey helping push us towards the RIGHT YES. Yes, I’m upset about not landing the position I wanted, but I gave it my all and if it was/is the place I need to be… I will be there. Still I bring my A game to interviews, send off my resumes and put work to make my goals come to reality but I will still get some rejections but those NO’s will eventually get my in the right place at the right time to receive the Right Yes I’ve been looking for. If you are struggling with rejection especially in your professional career know that you aren’t alone and we all hit brick walls that seem too steeped to climb but just make sure your not focused on the negative and you are ready to receive the YES you’ve  been working towards

With Love, Bamz


HELP…what should I wear to #BeautyCONNYC ?!

I am super excited to be attending Beauty Con NYC for the first time this year! I’ve been working hard on expanding TGOS and meeting beauty pros from around the country and finding new brands showcase in my new series “Bamz Does Beauty” is such an exciting honor. I started TallGlassofStyle simply as a form of style expression giving others who struggle with dressing their height a friend in the blogging world and now that i’m shifting to an inclusive lifestyle blog I have the chance to dig deep and bring you guys amazing content! Since it’s a little over a week away I put a few looks together so we all make sure we are looking our best dressed to impressed!

Scroll down and let me know your favorite look!

Look 1


Get the look:

Jeans | Top | JacketClutch | Hat | Sneakers

Bracelet | Necklace | Sunnies  |

Nars | Traveler

Look 2:


Vest | Bracelet | Bag | Boots | Gloves

Dress | Sunnies | Hat | Necklace

Look 3


Get the Look:

Vest | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Hat

Bag | Sunnies | Rings | Scarf | Nars


Make sure to leave comments and tweet me @tallglassofstyl your pick using hashtag #beautyconnyc

Click photo below for more information:

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Brave Little Giant Featuring Long Tall Sally

tallglassofstyle, long tall sally With a change in seasons we now shift our home décor to warm tones, finally pack away our summer outfits, and schedule that apple picking hayride we’ve been waiting on all year. September blew past us and even though  I’m on the hunt for the perfect apple picking hayride and counting down the days till Halloween but in all honesty these past few weeks have been a struggle.

The shifting of  seasons have forced me to take a step back and evaluate the happenings in my life and take a closer look at the relationships I keep. My 9-5 has been changing drastically and forced me to look into alternative employment, expanding my freelance career, working hard on rebranding/the elevation of  TallGlassofStyle and most importantly ive been faced with a lot of challenges in some of my closest friendships. All of this has pushed my anxiety through the roof turning my mind into a revolving door of worries and a playground of overthinking.tallglassofstyle, long tall sally

I’ve been near my breaking point but I’ve voiced my worries and stress to my loved ones and they’ve  been helping me look at the glass half full. Life comes at you fast especially when your trying to balance achieving personal goals and the things reality throws at you. Instead of curling up in a ball I have made the choice to fight through the crappy days and jump ahead of the curve. I ordered a planner (along with stickers) to schedule MY LIFE, I’m sharing more with friends and family so they have an understanding of what I’m dealing with, and realized at the end of the day “SOMETIMES SHIT HAPPENS”. Not everything is going to go the way you envisioned and sometimes it will feel as if the entire world is piling up against you but being open to sharing, asking for help, and keeping positive helps you tear down that wall.

It takes a lot of courage to face this world so be brave, stay strong and battle through like the Warrior Giant I know you have inside of you!

check out the rest of my shoot with Shaka ( below!


Jacket (Similar Here) | Top: (Long Tall Sally) | Jean: (Long Tall Sally)

Boots (Similar Here) | Sunnies (Here)

wpid-dsc_6730-1-01.jpeg wpid-dsc_6733-01.jpeg wpid-dsc_6677-1-01.jpeg wpid-dsc_6667-01.jpeg

Meet Me At Beauty Con NYC !

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ATTENTION ALL BEAUTY LOVERS it’s time to beat those faces, grab those business cards, and strut your way to BEAUTY CON NYC! I’m so excited to announce that I will be attending and covering all of the great brands, discussion panels and GETTING TO MEET YOU GUYS!

BeautyCon is the world’s premiere fashion, beauty & lifestyle destination for fans, brands, and creators. We’re bringing your favorites to the fabulous Pier 36 in New York on Saturday, October 17th, 2015 and we’re so excited to see all you beauties there!

BeautyCon is a community of creators redefining beauty. We talk about what matters; culture, trending news, fashion + beauty, your favorite content creators, and important issues. Our mission is to bring fans, brands and creators together in one place. BeautyCon isn’t just about beauty; BeautyCon is about connecting you to heartbeat of the internet. At #BeautyConNYC, hundreds of content creators and celebrities will come together to network, mingle, discuss the future of online media, hang with you and participate in panel discussions + Q&As. Thousands of beauties will attend BeautyCon NYC to participate in interactive presentations, watch performances, create content, shop, play games, learn about new products, and above all, mingle with some of their favorite content creators! Can’t wait to meet you in New York!

Make sure to get your hands on your tickets ASAP with the link HERE

Don’t forget to invite all of your fellow beauty lovers and share using the #beautyconNYC !

WHEN:       October 17th

WHERE:        Pier 36 New York  299 South St. New York, NY, 10002



Meet Me At Simply Stylist Conference!


There’s nothing more beneficial to a blogger than the gathering of like minded goal oriented individuals ready to network and push their brand to the next level. In an effort to support fashion and beauty bloggers in connecting and achieving their footing in an industry that can be overwhelming at times the Simply Stylist “Do What You Love” Conference is here to inspire influencers.

I had such an incredible time last conference connecting with brands, meeting my blogger peers. I had the chance to chat with founder Founder Sarah Boyd, hear personal experience of her blogging journey from Hannah Bronfman of and the most amazing advice from once Elle magazine creative director and now executive creative officer of Yahoo fashion Joe Zee and network.


I’ve always been a firm believer in being selective where you invest your networking dollar, and attending an event that provides motivation, good networking, and great cocktails lands this conference right on my “Yes Please” list 😌.

Hosted by Catt Sadler of E! News and featuring  KEYNOTES SPEAKERS | 3  BLOGGERS | 3 STYLISTS | 3 ENTREPRENEURS | 3 MODERATORS | 4 BREAKOUT SESSIONS (ALL ANNOUNCING SOON!) you won’t want to miss out!


I’ll be keeping you guys updated on all the announcing panelist meanwhile check out my post of last years NY conference HERE!

Check out more about Simply Stylist

Xoxo Tallglassofstyle

Bamz Does Beauty: Lush BB Seaweed Mask Review


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Since I have been working on enhancing the condition of my skin, I decided to stick to a weekly mask schedule. I haven’t reached the level of income allowing me to afford monthly spa membership just yet (THANKS SALLIE MAE) but till than there is. At first it felt like a bit of a task but by lining it up with my hair wash days, and adding 20 minutes of oil pulling I’ve turned my home into a semi holistic spa à domicile (that’s home spa in French…yes I’m fancy as Fu#k). I’m battling dry skin, hassle with blackheads, and in the process I am trying to heal dark marks caused by old break outs. Since I’ve been hearing great reviews from my girlfriends and colleges about their products decided to pay a visit to my local Lush store .

The Lush Company invents their own handmade products using 100% vegetarian ingredients with little to no preservatives, and are against animal testing. Famous for their colorful bath bombs and skin loving body butters the only thing stopping me from going on a serious shopping spree was a post-it I slapped on my debit card reading “STICK 2 UR BUDGET”.  Greeted by a variety of scents, happy smiles, and clusters of people trying to re-up on their beloved products I gave all of my need to know skin information to a helpful Lush girl who kindly pointed out a few products to get me on the right path which included the BB Seaweed Mask.

Product Details:

Size: 2.1 OZ | Price: $7.95

Must Keep Product in Fridge Due to Fresh Ingredients

Product comes with expiration date

BB Seaweed sold only in-store (Check for Lush near you here)

BB Seaweed Mask pacts a hell of a punch with 7 lbs. of seaweed mixed into each batch (which is very visible once applied) and gives a soothing sent from their addition of rose oil to the mixture. Seaweed acts as an amazing anti-inflammatory agent helping ease the swelling of acne, and it’s also a great skin detoxifier (more information at Live Strong). The rose oil added to the BB seaweed mask is considered a natural bactericide killing germs that can cause breakouts and irritation (more information at Live Strong) The combination of the two along with a number of other 100% organic natural ingredients (all listed at end of post) result in a powerful mask to help fight breakouts, and detoxify pores. The mask has a thick grainy texture , with small seaweed bits though out but feels light weight once applied and beautiful rose undertones.

How I Applied Product:


1.) I washed my hands will Dial antibacterial soap to wash the grime of the day off and then washed my face and neck with Trader Joes Tea Tree oil facial wash.

2.) I allowed my face to air dry but you have the option of patting your face dry lightly with a clean paper towel

3.) *optional* If you have time to really enjoy your  home spa day steam your face before applying the mask. Steaming before application opens your pores and softens the skin, allowing the mask to perform at its full potential.

4.) I used my index and forefinger to apply mask to my face and neck in circular motions

5.) Left on for around 15 minutes until mask was stiff

6.) Washed off with warm water slowly in circular motion. The mask became a light exfoliate due to the ground almonds in the mixture.

7.) Added small amount of cleanser to wash the rest of the mask away

8.) Patted dry with clean paper towel and before adding Trader Joes Antioxidant Facial Serum

Final Verdict:

I put this BB Seaweed mask in my weekly rotation for the past 6 weeks to really see the impact it would have on my skin and I am really happy with the results. The product leaves my skin feeling refreshed and I have seen a decrease in my monthly break outs which I credit to the many anti-inflammatory agents in the mask. From my trip to their Garden State Plaza location to the actual product I am now a loyal customer and look forward to getting a fresh batch!


(Photo credit Lush UK)

List of Ingredients in BB Seaweed:

PSA: Please read carefully to identify and ingredients you are allergic. Information below provided by LUSH Website

Lime Tree Flower (Tilia Europaea) & Sweet Violet Leaf (Viola Odorata) Decoction Kaolin   Honey , Glycerine, Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis)   Bladderwrack Seaweed (Fucus gardneri), Organic Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis) , Millet Flakes (Panicum miliaceum)  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea europaea)   Bentone Gel , Fresh Rose Petal (Rosa centifolia)   Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena)  Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin) , Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) , Seaweed Absolute (Fucus vesiculosus) , *Citral , *Geraniol , *Benzyl Benzoate, *Limonene   *Linalool , Fragrance: *Occurs naturally in essential oils

Stylish on a Budget


(top: Just Living | Skirt: Ellen Tracy | Shoes: Enzo Angiolini)

I’ve always been a passionate thrifter and budget focused shopper which makes it difficult to shop things retail price (unless it’s something extremely special). When I’m not hitting vintage shops I make sure to check out what different off season department stores have for me and I never leave empty handed.

I recently donated a lot of clothes to Goodwill giving me the opportunity to create new looks. I’m the furthest from a skirt girl but I could’nt pass up on this print combo and I’m looking forward to transitioning it with the colder weather.
Marshalls has quickly risen top of my list of favorite discount stores to shop and I can’t wait to show you all of the goodies I scored.

Make sure to check out your locate Marshalls  to find your new favorite outfits!










Patterns in My Heart

(Entire outfit thrifted bag DIY total cost $38)

I’ve tried to be one of those people that dress according to trends and keep up with the “current” looks but it felt so impersonal. I have to dress my mood and though I do use current trends as a means of inspiration I don’t style by any lofty rules. Some days I want to be a bit goth in all black, others I want to be a pattern crazed canvas but at the heart of all my looks there’s me.

Sometimes its hard for me to look at constant streams of “personal style blogs” that don’t seem PERSONAL at all. Not everyone is a lover of colors and patterns like me but there’s something about embracing your authentic style the shines through no matter what your aesthetic is. Walk to your closet and ask yourself “Is this helping me tell the world who I am?” It took me years to discover my personal style which has proven to be an ever evolving door but no matter what it is authenticity ME.

What are your views on Personal Style?
(PS. You can get your hands on my blazer now on Depop! )







My 6 Favs of NYFW s/s ’16 Day 1


NYFW is a monumental point in any fashion crazed individual and sets the tone seen in stores and on the streets of next years spring season. With the shifting tide once populated Lincoln Center to an exclusive tone of present the focus is back on the collections. The introduction of Vogue Runway and other style lusty sites gives us a front row seat to designer looks brought to life. My eyes have been blessed with such inspiration and here are my top picks from day 1 of NYFW.

  • ICB
  • Designer: Makoto Tacked
  • Color Palette: Nude | Blush | White/Ivory | Grey | Navy | Oxford Blue
  • Feel: Contemporary Work Attire
  • Photo Cred: Photo: Paul Maffi / Courtesy of ICB

Beautiful blending of contrary art aesthetics with 9-5 work attire nuance, the collection houses clean tailoring, day embraced graphics, and lightweight layering. Takada has created an art curators dream collection.

  • ICB-rtw-spring-2016-007 ICB-rtw-spring-2016-014 ICB-rtw-spring-2016-004
  • Escada
  • Designer: Daniel Wingate
  • Color Palette: Black | White | Yellow | Fuchsia | Blush | Beige | Navy | Oxford
  • Feel: 60’s Social Elite
  • Photo Cred: Photo: Courtesy of Escada
  • Full waistlines, bold floral wide legged pant suit all finished with Jackie O’s flare. This collection shows a true love of comfort chic in roomie tunics, transitioning to elegant capped sleeved evening gowns making it the resurgence of an era dismissed. escada-007-2000 escada-001-2000 escada-029-2000
  • Hellessy
  • Designer:
  • Color Palette: Navy | White | Burgundy | Oxford Blue
  • Feel: Downtown Restraint
  • Photo Cred:Photo: Matthew Sprout / Courtesy of Hellessy

Embracing the use of natural fabrics, comfort fits, and movement this collection expresses elements of spring. Through the weight and drape of its garments Hellessy s/s ’16 doesn’t fall victim of cliches associated with the season of bloom rather becomes the new standard. Elegant restraint whispers from the construction of this collection calling your focus to craftsmenship of minimalistic style.hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-012 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-009 hellessy-rtw-spring-2016-006

  • See By Chloe
  • Designer: Clare Waight Keller
  • Color Palette: Cream| Blush | Navy
  • Feel: West Coast Wanderlust
  • Photo Cred: Courtesy of See by Chloé

Light eight baby doll dresses, denim maxi skirts, and stream line simple patterned A Line dress gives a feeling of young adventure seeker.  This collection describes the spring as a season of travel, discovery, and beach side dreams.see-by-chloe-spring-2016-25 see-by-chloe-spring-2016-11 see-by-chloe-spring-2016-13

  • Nicholas K
  • Designer:  Nicholas and Christopher Kunz
  • Color Palette: White | Ombre dip dyes | Navy | Taupe | Grey | Black | Russet
  • Feel: New World Order
  • Photo Cred: Gerardo Somoza /

Translucent feather weight fabrics, parachute style outerwear, as flowing layers this collection gives you an ever green collection that can survived decades to come. A perfect balance of futurism, anchored by brassed tone forearm cuffs and rope like necklaces this collection brings a strong presence in the spring season to come._AN_0034 _AN_0390 _AN_1104

  •  Tadashi Shoji
  • Designer: Tadashi Shoji
  • Color Palete: White | Purple/Lavenders | Black | Jade | Blush Navy
  • Feel: Japanese Garden Party
  • Photo Cred:  Yannis Vlamos /

The looks breezing down the runway in dream worthy fabrics, a vibrant wash of colors, eyelets trims and floral appliqué celebrates a strong Japanese Garden influence . Seamless combination of structure, tradition, and unbridle beauty welcomes spring with soft feminine elegance and grace. Balancing the presence of pattern and bold colors this collection a staple of spring ’16 inspiration.

_TAD0324 _TAD0429 _TAD0679

Summer’s Pushing Up Daisys


Ok… these arent daisys on my dress but isn’t it a super cute play on words?… *clears throat* Well as summer reluctantly bows out and Fall creeps back into our lives I spent my weekend watching “The Wedding Planner”, hitting the park with my puppies, and much needed brunch dates with women I love. In between playing nature fairy and ladies who lunch I found time to celebrate this heat wave in this airy Old Navy frock. I can remember a time when you wouldn’t catch me dead in a dress or anything that showed off my legs but with age comes acceptance and I think it would be unfair for me to not show off these juicy thighs LOL.

Dress: Old Navy Here | Earrings: Jcrew | Shoes: Vincent Camuto Similar Here | Shades: Here | Purse: Here 

Make sure to check out my first Bamz Does Beauty post to find out how I kept my skin protected and moisturized all summer long :)*Photos by: Shaka Zulu Photography*


wpid-dsc_6089-01.jpeg wpid-dsc_6106-01.jpeg wpid-dsc_6071-01.jpeg