10 Basic Tips to Solange Style

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5 Pumps to Spice Up Your Vday


Valentines day is right around the corner so it’s time to get that special day outfit together. Whether your going out with a special someone, hanging out with the ladies, or just looking for an excuse to dress up, no outfit is complete without a killer pair of shoes!

Here are my top picks (and of course they come in TallGirlSizes! )


Collection of shoe # 1

1.) Kate Spade NY From Piper Lime 

2.) Shoes of Prey 

Shoe 2

 1.) Nine West via LongTallSally  (On Sale)

2.)Sam Edelman via Nordstroms

3.) BCBG via DSW

10 Reasons Why Being Tall Rocks!

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Growing up tall wasn’t the easiest thing for me. Dealing with insecurities, always feeling like the odd man out in a world full of  “normal height” women motivated me to embrace what makes me different. Since then I have grown to love all 6’1 of me and want to let you in on a few benefits of being a tall chick.

Scroll on down this elegantly LONG post and find out a little bit of our magic!

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

tall women, tall, fashion, style, amazon, beauty, inspiration, motivation, self love, taller, long

10 Style Resolutions (I HOPE I STICK TO) for 2015

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Another year has come & gone, and we have all drummed up list of new challenges and changes we promise to stick to in 2015. That “New Year.. New Me” song maybe a bit played but there’s something extremely attractive in the idea of starting fresh. I have listed all my year long goals, planned out 3 months of content, and made sure to eat my black eyes peas the day after to bring good wishes in the new year, i’m also trying something new.

I have always been a lover of fashion but my lazy tomboy ways sometimes causes me to slack in the personal style department. Since I spent a large amount of last year reaching for sweats instead of blazers, I’ve decided to push my style creativity by putting more of an effort into my “Fits”. My younger self was extremely insecure wanting to fit in, bleeding into my teenage years where I struggled. Not being able to afford name brand items,  and never able to find a thing to fit my long frame I tried to hide myself and was consumed with other peoples judgments.

Since then I have found confidence in what makes me different, embraced the fine art of thrifting and have embraced my personal style. Still…. I’ve let life get the best of me by “not having the time” to pick out outfits for the next day, and letting the motivation to “get dressed” miss me completely. I always feel better when I have a complete look together and I want to venture into 2015 with a strong presence.



1.) Plan Ahead 

Taking a few minutes the night before makes a huge difference in what i’m wearing the next day. I’m so sick of scrambling for an outfit, pulling everything out of my closet and ending up in LEGGINGs. *not cool*


I am sort of a bed bug, so waking up 15 minutes earlier to make sure i’m well put together would make a huge difference. Seriously, it’s quite embarrassing when you roll up to an meeting with two different loafers on.*YUP ITS HAPPENED*

3.) Put a Face On

Yes. I have left the house without Fleek Like EYEBROWS more times than i’d like to admit. In my efforts to actually wake up in the mornings, I will contribute some of that time to putting on a good lip and brow. Don’t worry I promise to not become an EXTREME CONTURING victim.

4.) Fall in Love With the Iron

I can’t be the only FashionEater that hates to IRON! I rather steam everything but sometimes you have to cave in and keep it crisp with an iron.

5.) Where’s THE Color

Stomping NYC during my school days turned me into a Black loving nut, and though I will always have a soft spot for the darkside I want to embrace the fun and life of a colorful print heavy wardrobe.

6.) Shop with a plan

I have become my own victim by shopping with out any sort of plan. This year I’ll be creating a “grocery list” of things I need and shop by outfit instead of items which will save me time, stress, and MONEY.

7.) PURGE 

If I haven’t worn it in the last year… TOSS IT! (aka donate it)

8.) *whispers* “If you build it, it will come”

Make mood boards for looks I want to try. I’ve become a hardcore Pinterest head and building a look using the app will save the time consuming pressures of cutting out magazines.

9.) Have “Fuck it” Days

Gotta keep it real… I LOVE MY SWEATS. I will be allowing myself to have a few Sundays of vegging out in super soft sweat pants, with no makeup, wild hair, and ratty tank top… (kind like I am right now writing this post)


I’ve set these 10 resolutions for me and at the end of the day the only real task at hand is to make sure I am Happy and feel amazing.

Do you have any Style resolutions you want to share?!

Tweet me… tag me on Instagram … or leave a comment below and share!

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Leopard and Plaid


She kills it every single time! Here’s a little something to inspire your holiday week!

Originally posted on Lovendresses:


I can say  I absolutely love this look as much as I love this pictures. Denim on denim is not a new trend, celeb like Jennifer Lopez have made this look very chic. I wasn’t afraid to mix these two opposite patterns leopard and plaid. My handbag is old school Fendi, classy and it always comes in handy. I been looking forward to bringing a new look to my blog so in a few weeks even my template may change. One of the reason is because I will be working with a talented young lady named Denise Benitez (Photographer) her work is amazing, finally God has answer my prayers (lol). I will still be practicing with my Olivia (NIKON) but for now we need to deliver better quality pictures. Wow can you believe is almost 2015, looking forward to new adventures and new looks. I been so busy lately I haven’t…

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All Eyes on: Calvin Rucker


There is no better feeling then being introduced to a brand that embodies your personal style. Created by in November 2011 by Caroline Calvin and Joie Rucker, the duo have created lines for 8 seasons, flourished from 10 stores on the west coast to over 200 stores nationwide, and been a staple brand at Coterie since debut.

Since meeting as designers at Levi’s® in San Francisco, the duo have developed into a force that share an amazing eye for detail, and an iron stance in the world of business. These surf loving Malibu natives, effortlessly stretch beyond their design passions by merging their entrepreneurial talents resulting in the successful Calvin Rucker brand.


Caroline Calvin (left) and Joie Rucker (right)

(Caroline Calvin, former VP of Global Design for Levi’s, developed brand building strategies, global product alignment, commercial and designer price points, and collaborated with influential designers in the industry while at Levi’s.

Joie Rucker began her career as a design assistant to multiple companies such as Erickson Outdoors and Sam & Libby Apparel (Sam Edelman). As a senior designer at Levi’s for 5 years,  she left to become the VP of Design at GUESS jeans. With her entrepreneurial ambition and experience with Levi’s and Guess, Joie created two lines that are still widely recognized today- Joie and Rich & Skinny.) Credit: Amanda Haynes 

The Calvin Rucker girl always leads with an unique, chic sense of style; comfortable in her skin while blending the perfect amount of femininity and edge. I gravitate towards this brand because of it’s elegant yet provocative edge, embodying the chic modern woman.


Check out the rest of their 2014 Holiday & Past collections on link below

(fair warning.. YOUR GOING TO LOVE IT !!!) 


9 Cyber Monday STEALS!!!!

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Some of us are still coming off of our turkey high, and dragging our bodies into the office but this may just perk up your day! If your looking for some unique gift ideas and doing some personal shopping here are 9 great online stores to visit so you can get your Cyber Monday on! Happy Shopping Loves…

Art is the Air of Life 




Theres nothing more touching then receiving a piece of original artwork and the self taught  brilliant creator Michelle Robinson captures beauty with every single stroke of her brush. With her great %40 off sale going on you can get one for your loved one and your own decor!

Naturalista Love

  Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.41.51 AM


I don’t know about you but my curls are always thirsty and ready for new product so whats better then sending you and your beloveds the magical monthly subscription hair/beauty product Curlbox. If your not ready for that commitment they still have their $20 Black Friday box on sale!

Makeup Junkies 

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.30.27 AM


Bulk up on your makeup supply and stocking stuffers with these amazing deals from BH cosmetics! With up to 61% off I’m racking up and I’m not even a makeup junkie… but a girl can never have too much lip stain right?

For the Mr.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.43.29 AM


Don’t have your favorite guy running around juggling all of his tech gear! Thisisground leather goods has come up with a clever way to carry and protect all of his essential tech while answering to his dapper attire. Their currently offering 20% off $75 or over items!

Winter Mermaids

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.44.40 AMwww.andreaiyamah.com

Maybe you have a winter holiday trip planned or you know a water loving lady who would  be head over heels for a few unique swimwear pieces, if so Andrea Iyamah has exactly what your looking for. The designer has graced the bodies of celebrities and fashionable women everywhere and now you can get your hands on your own set.

Stylish Lengths 

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.04.00 AM


For my taller ladies looking for a great holiday dress or that perfect gift for height goddess in your life should head to Long Tall Sally and take advantage of their %50 off dresses sell for Cyber Monday! I love how their pieces fit my long frame and I’m sure the tall woman in your life will appreciate your attention to detail!

Don’t Touch Mommies Juice 





If your looking for the perfect gift for the mommy in your life look no further! This “Mommy Juice” wine glass by FancyFace PaperStudio is a wonderful gift idea! They have an assortment of fun gift ideas and services that will make you the GIFTER of the year this holiday!

Business Savvy Gifter 

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.57.51 AM



Weather your revamping or starting your own business or want to help on your loved ones journey in entrepreneurship, ICB Consults offer Kits and Ebooks to give you the jumpstart you need towards success! I’ve purchased some of the Ebooks myself and been formulating a great plan for my 2015 business year based on the great advice and tips provided in the material! EVERYTHING is $3.99 so get the all!!!

Because GLITTER…






You could get this number for a loved one… BUT I’M BEING SELFISH… This glitter number will have any style amazon be the talk of the holiday office party or NYE bash! So if I were you.. Id head to ASOS and make it ALLLL MINEEEE….. Oh.. and everything is %30 off!

Lets Fall in Love

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis recent shift in weather has not made me a happy camper, but with cool weather and falling leaves comes a great excuse to go shopping! Thank goodness the beautiful souls at Long Tall Sally heard my cry for help and sent me some really incredible pieces to help me curate a stunning Fall/winter ready wardrobe.


Why Every Industry Newbie Should Attend Simply Stylish Fashion & Beauty Conference

Treats and sweets  photo Credit: Soul Brother

Treats and sweets photo Credit: Soul Brother

There’s nothing like receiving a dose of motivational guidance and Simply Stylist Fashion & Beauty Conference provides that and so much more. This foregoing Saturday I made my way to Park Central Hotel for the networking event, which kicked off with welcoming words from Founder Sarah Boyd.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo Credit: Soul Brother

During ten successful years in PR, Sarah witnessed first hand how cut throat and cold it could be for those starting or seeking growth in the fashion industry. Sarah made the decision to create her own boutique agency connecting tastemakers to brands. Growing and developing rapidly, Sarah’s drive to connect and provide opportunities to those trying to find their footing in the industries made Simply Stylist Conferences the core of the company.

IMG_2067 Photo Credit: Soul Brother

Partnering this year with Marie Claire Magazine Simply Stylish Conference started the day off with a light networking brunch allowing all the attendees to mingle and meet each other including the speakers and brands of the day. After the brunch we made our way upstairs to the conference room, where Catt Sadler Of E News! hosted the event keeping us on our toes with her vibrant energy and witt. Actress Jamie Chung provided us with tips on how she balances her acting career and lifestyle blog What The Chung? , followed by speakers Dj/Founder of Beautified App/ Social Media maven Hanna Bronfman, and top bloggers Danielle Bernstein founder of WEWOREWHAT and JACEY DUPRIE of Damsel in Dior all giving candid insider tips on how to start your blog, and the importance to staying true to yourself. We heard from great insiders including  Jessica Minkoff of Marie Claire, Peter Davis of Daily Front Row, Tanya Klich of Entrepreneur, Anna Jimenez of New Beauty, Jennifer Norman of derma e, Celebrity Stylist, Madison Guest and Celebrity Haircolorist Justin Anderson to and once Elle magazine creative director and now executive creative officer of Yahoo fashion Joe Zee. After the panelist we enjoyed drinks and sweets, attend their break out sessions and Brand Experience featuring Keaton Row, derma e, Priv, Bed Head, TMG, Katherine Cosmetics, Dittos, Rack it Up, Harper Hallam, Crossroads Trading co., Pulse Laser & Skincare Center, Spots NYC.

Simply Stylish was an inspiring and encouraging event that allowed me to receive priceless guidance, make long lasting connections, and has reminded me that giving up is not an option. The positive energy in the room followed me home and has motivated me to continue on my journey to making a mark on an industry that is know for it’s unfriendly moments and extending a hand to others on their own personal journey in the industry weather it’s beauty, editorial, blogging, or any other ventures they pursue. There is always opportunity for collaborations, promoting each other, and most of all supporting your peers along the way!

Check out more photos of the vent below: Photo Credit: Soul Brother

Make sure to head to www.simplystylistxo.com to find out when the conference will be heading to a city near you!