Just a Tall Glass of Style


Welcome to my blog!

Fashion Culture is more then just pretty fabric and fleeting trends. It is an ever-evolving expression of one self. It touches and influences global movements, expresses personalities, and keeps the economic world spinning. Tall Glass of Style is your first class seat to STYLE, CULTURE, and of course


 Bon Appétit Mes Amours


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  1. karen says:

    love this blog and good for you Amber…This is Ms. Karen, your Mom’s friend from DC…keep it going..take more photos and show off your fashionista style…do close-ups, show off your hair, nails, the whole shebang. Can’t wait to see your next post.!!!

  2. Hello Ms.Karen! thank you so much for veiwing my blog! I noted all your great suggestions. I hope you enjoy my future post too. My mother is the greatest!

  3. Marcia Parchment says:

    Love the Blog, you really do have your finger on the pulse. You do have a unique take on fashion. Keep striving. I am very proud of you.

  4. Proud of you cousin!!! Everybody talks about “getting out there” and doing something…you’ve done it!!! Congrats!!!!

  5. LifeNStylePatty says:

    I love everything about this blog and the person that is behind it ! Shes truly a Fashionable Doll and shes my friend love you Bamz !!!! Keep up the great work and make us proud !!!!

    1. Ur such an amazing friend! Love u thin mint!!!!

  6. charleyovisions says:

    I love what you have going, keep up the good work. Thanks for the motivation.

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