Trend Alert: Sprung for Spring 2013

Trending Colors Header

The cold hands of winter has us clutching the collars of our cashmere jackets, wrapping our infinity scarfs artfully around our victimized throats, and covering our well manicured hands with the butter leather of our driving gloves.  Battling these bitter elements in style has been one hell of a war but in true FashionEater habit we are daydreaming of the warm embrace of SPRING!!! The new trending colors has me jumping for joy and already putting a skip in my step. 

A love affair with pinks, misty mermaid kisses in sea foam shades, and bold moments of a strong yellow palette has my fashion taste buds running MAD!


Since we have a few weeks to prepare for our oncoming romance with Spring TallGlassofStyle will be serving a main course filled with fun ways to add these color trends on to your wardrobe menu, but till then I’m going to tease you with this tasty appetizer.



spring collage
Yum Yum come get some! xox- Fashion Eater

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