“Applause” for Lady GaGa (Fashion meets Music)


Little Monsters have been on the edge of their seats waiting for their POP idol Lady GaGa to release her new video for “Applause” which was released today! Every album is a new stage of evolution for GaGa and this album seems to be tapping in to her passion for all things art related fusing it with dance filled beats and FASHION!  Fashion Eaters troll the blogs to see what Lady GaGa will stroll the streets in next and “Applause” Fills our tummy with straight off the runway wardrobe.

tumblr_mrs9rozGMH1riclx7o3_500 tumblr_mrs8boPFal1qebgslo1_500

Her all time love McQueen made a feature in the video, as well as a fab leather Glove bralet with choker to match (TO DIE FOR), and a ode to merlovers everywhere in her siren inspired sea shell bra and HUGE MERHAIR!






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