Met Museum’s Punk Chaos To Couture (Closes it doors)


The doors of the Met’s Punk Chaos to Couture exhibit has closed it doors, but not with out leaving a mark on the fashion community. The exhibit showcased over 100 pieces of women and men’s created by designer greats such as  Versace to Vivienne Westwood. The exhibit ran from May 9th to August 14th with receiving 442,350 visitors making it the 5th most popular installation in the last 25 years reported by WWD. Punk Chaos sits in the top 5 with those dedicated to Alexander McQueen, as well as fashion gaints Jackie Kennedy and Chanel.  It was an experience to view the beautiful and creative exhibit in person but reality prevent many to have that chance so here are a few photos provided by the Met along with a video to get an idea of the greatness!

Enjoy Fashioneaters xoxo -Tallglassofstylediyhardwarezandrarhodes2D.I.Y.: Hardware
Zandra Rhodes (British, born 1940), Wedding Dress, spring/summer 1977
Zandra Rhodes (British, born 1940), Dress, spring/summer 1977,

kingsroad430’s Kings Road period room

heroesClothes of Heros


diyhardware D.I.Y. Hardware

diygraffitti3D.I.Y.: Graffiti & Agitprop



diydestroy2D.I.Y.: Destroy diydestroy

cbgbbathroom2CBGB bathroom, New York 1975

bricolageD.I.Y.: BricolagediyhardwareversaceD.I.Y.: Hardware
Gianni Versace (Italian, 1946–1997), Dress, spring/summer 1994,
Gianni Versace (Italian, 1946–1997), Dress, spring/summer 1994,



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