Who is Bonnie Young? (Style Inspiration)




During my weekly search for pallet pleasing style mavens, I stumbled across a video interview by Stylelikeu of Bonnie Young. The first image of Bonnie, is of her in a feather weight white jump suit (by Bonnie Young) and I became captivated by her effortless style. She reveals her welled traveled life searching the globe for inspiration for design giants like Ralph Lauren and Donna Karen. This stye forecaster is the proud owner of hand made jewelry from her worldly travels, mind blowing kaftans, and images of Malaysian cannibals covered in beautiful tattoos. Her shockingly white apartment has cleverly placed pops of ethic color, variety of textures, and ancient artifacts that off set perfectly with its modern environment. Hearing her speak about how her travels have influenced her career and her own designs gives light to the  importance of exposing ones self to unfamiliar cultures. Life is meant to be lived and Bonnie Young is evidence that.




Video and Images courtesy of http://www.stylelikeu.com


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