Nicole Miller SPring 2013 MBNYFW

LUX_7508.450x675Nicole Miller must have been hanging out around the rabbit hole during the design of her collection because i felt as if I was transported into wonderland. Miller disclosed Versailles estates and intricate mazes as her inspiration which explains her complex use of print and images making the eye catch every detail of the garments coming down the runway. Detailed beading, shattered floral patterns, and geometric shapes made for an amazing collection. Destroyed skinnys, clean graphics, and over the knee pencil skirts covered in embellishment (which I am obsessed with) made for a visual feast. The show included a light would grain runway with beautiful watercolor back ground, and kept you enthralled with pastel color haired girls, and glitter strap heels.

There isn’t a single piece of this collection that my wardrobe would not crave.

Check out my favorite looks entire collection and show below:

LUX_7533.450x675 LUX_7546.450x675LUX_7603.450x675 LUX_7618.450x675LUX_7895.450x675


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