Tall Girl Problems: (Tall & Slender Edition)


Dress Vintage DKNY

Being a tall girl is hard in an “average” height world. There are stores geared toward plus sized women, double sizes (00), and even men have  Big & Tall stores, but us tall women have to pray that gap has a few Long size jeans in stock and most venture online to find clothing. Most of us have given up all hope and end up with sad wardrobes, ill fitting clothing, and the dreaded… SWEAT PANT or BASKETBALL SHORTS. (Dramatic Music).

Being a 6’1ft women is hard when your in an industry where the only women that “allowed” to be unique in height are the models, or athletes. Also by the time the clothing has hit stores from the runways they have amazingly become shorter in length. A few months back I posted “Tall Girl Problems” which gave downloadable books written by the amazing Caryn Franklin which highlights how to dress for all different shapes of tall women. I will be highlighting a book bi weekly to reach out to all my Talls with different frames to hopefully give a bit of help to your wardrobe.


Choose Clothing with soft features and feminine touches to increase the sense of sensuality to your frame.

A soft wrap around belted with add a waist to your frame when layering.

Style over Fashion! Keep your lines clean and build from there not all trends are for your frame so pay attention to detail.

Measure your legs and in seam for proper garment lengths.


Wear clothes with harsh masculine features. Your frame is small and will overpower your look so opt for edgy detailing on softer cuts.

Don’t reach for too many dark colors. Your height and frame should be celebrated.. not masked.

Select flat or boring patterns! Prick something interesting even if it is a small amount of pattern to make your outfit a conversation piece.

Here’s an outfit idea for those Tall and Slender you can try

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 10.35.31 AM

Denim Shirt Dress:, Jacket: , Flats , Bag: ModCloth ,

Scarf , Watch  , Rings , Nail Polish 

xoxo -Tallglassofstyle


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