Rick Owens Spring 2014 Ready to wear

MARC0082.450x675All my social networks, email, and messages went crazy yesterday once Rick Owens show took center stage. I have been tracking all of Paris fashion week but Owens show struct media with a sledgehammer effect. In a single moment Rick Owens questioned the entire fashion industry. I felt a lump grow in my throat as I saw women that looked like me expressing my culture on the runway in Paris in front of all the gatekeepers of the industry. Rick Owens challenged the concept of beauty, body image, culture, and the impact felt from having only a handful of models of color walking in fashion week shows. Rick Owens has grown to be an urban underground staple in street wear and struck a cord with the industry with his “runway presentation.”

 For the past five month the Rick Owens team worked with step teams from four different sororities (Washington Divas, Soul Steppers, Momentum, and Zetas) to create the stirring piece. In signature Rick Owen pieces,grouped in black, tan ,grey and white the women stormed down the stage in perfect sync, staring down the front row attendees investing all of their energy in the performance. The power in their bodies, emotion in their faces, and the captivating Owens pieces they wore gripped around my heart and sucked me in. It was a brilliant moment in fashion history that’s helping shatter the glass ceiling in the world of fashion. Fusing art, expression, culture, politics, and style in one show Rick Owens has given me a new set of eyes on an industry that can at times slip into a boxed idea of beauty.

Check out the video below and collection below:



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