M.I.A X Versus Versace


Dropping in a matter of days has released the lookbook for M.I.A x Versus Versace collection. It’s was swirling around the fashion elite that the partnership was in the works during Paris fashion week it’s almost ready for release for FashionEater consumption. The collection will be online and select stores October 16th and it has M.I.A fingerprints all over it with its counterfeit-inspired prints and vibrant colors. Were looking forward to seeing how our street wear Fashion Eaters freak these looks this season.

Check out the entire collection and my personal favs below:elle-look-05-mia-and-versus-versace-xlnelle-look-12-mia-and-versus-versace-xln elle-look-06-mia-and-versus-versace-lgn-lgn


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  1. retrostank says:

    DOPE!!! Love the fact that you even took the time to write this article. You are a spirit of inspiration and beauty. Shine, mama!

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