Top 5 FashionEaters Must Have…

take-five-designBeing a fab FashionEaters means that you need unique items to zest up your stylish days. Searching high and low for great pieces to add into your wardrobe and day by day errands here is your annual must have list that will be great additions to any Fashioeaters lifestyle.

1.) Simply Intricate Noir Sport Crop Top


Stylish FashionEaters are a “Rare” breed so its only fitting that this piece from Simply Intricate is added in to your wardrobe. Perfect to pair with a pencil shirt or high waist denim, this item can easily be flexed through the seasons.

2.) Wooden Clutch

Created by artist David and Christopher Steinrueck from their woodshop in SanFrancisco is this amazing wooden clutch! With discreet magnetic closures, and made out of reclaimed wood this item is a conversation starter!

3. Throwing ShadeShade_Front_Web

Talk about causing a stir, this OATW visor/shade piece is an amazing way to top of a fierce outfit. “Shade” is a widely used term in the LBGT culture and is an amazing way to stay fab and show support!

4.)Hardware Clutch


I am always on the hunt for new and emerging designers and Melissa C. is one to watch. With her custom  hardware clutches she creates pieces that will stand out at any dinner party and will be a staple in your wardrobe. I’m sure she will make many of my future must have list.

5.) Say it With ya Chest

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 10.21.28 PM

This cozy black pullover will fight off the chill of fall and give you a reason to do bad things and get away with it. “Rap music influenced me to do bad things” is a cheeky quote that will make other giggle and keep you stylishly warm.

What items will you get your hands on from this months top 5?!


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