What to Wear: Thanksgiving Edition

These couple of weeks are going to blast past us before you know it, and now is the perfect time to build you wardrobe and get an idea of what you want to sport for Thanksgiving. Unless your family is throwing a lavish ball for turkey day you’ll most likely be house hoping , packing on the pounds, and cleverly avoiding your family’s endless questions about why you’re not married yet.tumblr_inline_msva5guAqv1qz4rgp
Outfit Check List:
  1. Comfortable fit :You’re going to be traveling a bit and also “stuffing your face” so stay comfy and leave a little give for the food baby.
  2. Layers: It’ll be chilly weather outside but you also must account for all the visits you’ll be paying that day. Instead of weighting your self down with heavy outerwear, commit to a few layers like a cargo jacket and pullover.
  3. Machine Washable: Unless its a formal affair, don’t risk wearing something you can’t get stained. Remember you’ll be surrounded by kids, gravy, and maybe asked to help out in the kitchen. So unless you want a cleaners trip, your favorite dress ruined, or a funeral because you took out the kid that dropped his drumstick on your suede Valentino blazer… keep it stylishly simple.

Now that you have a fail safe check list check out my potential Thanksgiving out fit below:

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 12.24.03 PMJacket: Fashionunion Jumper: Cichic Jeans: Riverisland Shoes:HM Bag:Modcloth Watch:Handpicked Sunnies: Sarahaghill Necklace: Monsoon

xoxo -Tallglassofstyle


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