Peter Pilotto for Target

images Philip Lim for target to the world by storm and now British fashion heavy weight Peter Pilotto is taking he time on the throne.  Working on bringing there brand to the mass consumer market, Pilotto has teamed up with Target to bring the fashion houses cleaver use of prints to their stores! The line will reportedly include apparel, SWIMWEAR, and assorted accessories sporting his signature use of complex prints. The collection will hold 70 pieces most under $75. (CALLING ALL BUDGET FASHIONEATERS!)

Spring 2014 runway collection
Spring 2014 runway collection

Photos were “Leaked” a few weeks ago and swiftly taken down from the company’s instagram account …(CLEARLY SOMEONE GOT FIRED!) but us Fashioneaters are too hungry to miss something so tasty!

Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 3.51.19 PM

The collection is slated for release, Feb. 9th so ladies make sure you leave this up on your boyfriend’s homepages!

Are your ready for the launch?!


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