Fall’s 2014 Trends from NYFW

Fall 2014 Trends

As fast as fashion week fell upon the east coast, it left to spread its fashionable fairy dust across the big pond to London. Now we must wipe away our chic tears and review what we have learned from Fall ’14 NYFW!

Fuzzy Friends

Friend or fore of the fur trend Fall 2014 seems to be having heavy roll over appeal when it comes to using fur as a weapon against the cold. Not only wear editors and bloggers running between shows, and to evens dripping in it but, fur also stalked the runway. Coming in multiple colors, and with options of doing real or faux, it seems as if PETA’s going to be breaking a sweat for another season.

Velvet Dreams

Once fabric once forgotten is reintroduced to the fashion lovers as the it factor of the season. A long velvet maxi seems to be a needed addition to fashioneaters wardrobe. You can stay in the safety zone black or turn it up a few degrees with vibrant colors such as golden husk or royal purple tones.

Down for the Count

Down jackets aren’t just unattractive knee length drabs of outerwear. Elevated to meet the needs of the woman on the move, the down has been converted in to a warm bomber jacket look. With it’s light weight and now shorter length this look fights the cold and gives a breath of air for a climate that can be quite difficult to stay stylish in. Consider it NY’s middle finger to winters cold shoulder.

Drastic Lengths

Stylishly modest lengths have women coving up those knee caps! Skirts and dressed dropped below the knee or longer, giving the run way a mature look. Once viewed as a one way ticket to the senior home, longer hemlines now are a simple way to add a bit of elegance to a look. I wonder if this look will invade the clubs and dance floors… UMMMM.. That you be a sight!


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