Rihanna and Her Pepperoni Slices Slay Paris


If you are a social media hound like myself, I’m sure you have had the pleasure of seeing Rihanna’s Parisian friendly Nipples.  It caused a bit of a stir, and I’m certain her photo (like many others) ended up in  “Happy Ending” folders on their phones and laptops. I fell victim to her thirst trap, quickly screen shoting and shamelessly mass texting it to all my girls with the words…

” If I only had the brass balls to do it, I would.” under it.


 I’m not sure if it was Rihanna’s confidence, the after shock of devouring 3 hours worth of PWF via Style.com, or the fact I was having an amazing BOOB WEEK, but I started to wonder… Is it that crazy to show a little Pepperoni in Paris?

 This would never fly here in state side  clubs unless there were a few poles present, but there’s something bout the Paris air that made it… Chic. I guess seeing Kate Moss’s breast in dozens of editorials, helping models in the back of shows rip on and off dresses, and being a bit of a bra vegan myself, that makes me want to shake her hand instead of throwing judgment. I assume the question is… “Is this Fashion, or is this shock value?” Well I say, Bravo Rihanna for pulling off something that only a hardcore fashion Muse could do.


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