New Balance 2014 Helped Me Find My “Summer Solution”


I may not be a “SneakerHead”, but I know good kicks when I see them and New Balances new “Summer Solution” collection gave be the lace up bug. The comfy sneaker has been popping up as a trend for the past three season, and even made their way on to J.crew site, so could could blame me for falling for the vibrant colored collection.

Check out the entire collection below:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. whatthemom says:

    I want that pair in the first pic but can only find them in a 12 – do you know where I can find those?

    1. It’s an older pair in that photo but I will search to see if I can find a pair out there for you my dear. What size are you looking for?

      1. whatthemom says:

        Thanks! I’ve been looking but can’t find. 8 1/2! 9 if desperate.

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