A Hot Cup of Artist Young Earl Grey


When you hear the name “YoungEarlGrey” you may want to put on the kettle for a relaxing spot of tea, but it’s also the name of EPIC rising star on the art scene Rhea. When she’s not sipping coladas or getting caught in the rain, YoungEarlGrey is turning up the volume on her favorite Eddie Van Halen record, breaking out the paintbrush and creating MAGIC.

Find out more on YoungEarlGrey and her work Below!

1.) When did you discover your passion in design?

 I say my passion is in everything, more so than one area. I’ve struggled for a long time to define what “art” or “design” means to me, and separating it from the sides of “art” that I don’t like. I know now that sometimes, you don’t have to define your passion. I just love everything visual, audio and emotions. I draw because it makes me happy, and because I see so many things in my head that I want to become a reality. In that respect, I think my passion has only become clear in the last few years.

2.)  What are some of the greatest influences in your career? 

Everything is an influence, but I’m never influenced in my career. I make my own decisions without going, “oh I’m trying to recreate this artist” or “this is me doing this style”. That’s never my thought process.

3.) Tell us a little about your creative process?

I don’t really have a set process, to be honest. A lot of the time, I’ll sit down and just draw whatever I’m seeing or feeling. Sometimes I’ll do a sketch, and then come back and finish it in a few days. Sometimes I’ll do several pieces at once. It just depends on my mood at the time and how clearly I can see it in my head.


4.) What role does music play in your creative processes? 

A very big role! Constantly and consistently. I draw to music. I can’t imagine making art without it. Music is my link to everything, especially my childhood. I feel like music can take you instantly to anywhere; be it a memory, or a thought or a place or a new idea. Good music is the kind you can create new ideas with.

5.) Everyone is always asking about my sweatshirt! Do you plan on expanding your collection of wearable art?

Definitely! I would love to this year, I have a few things in the works for sure.


6.) Whats your three favorite albums on rotation?

 At the moment, it’s Justice’s “A Cross the Universe”, Daft Punk’s “Homework” and Breakbot’s “By Your Side”. It changes every month or so, though!

7.)I love your personal style… how would you describe it? What are your go to items in your closet?

 Oh boy, I don’t even know. People call me “80’s” but it’s more just me trying to dress like my heroes. I’m a big fan of Eddie Van Halen’s style in the early 80’s, with the bandanas and sweatpants. I also draw heavily from Janet Jackson’s style around the time of the Control album, and the same with Michael Jackson around Thriller. Mostly I gravitate towards jeans/pants, I’m not really a skirt or a dress kind of girl. I love blazers, sneakers and croptops. I can’t wait for winter again this year in Australia!

8.)What was it like growing up in Sydney and how has it impacted your artwork today?

I actually grew up in Brisbane, but I spent a lot of time in Sydney during school holidays visiting my dad. Both Sydney and Brisbane have impacted my artwork greatly; when I went to LA a few months ago, I expected it to be what I thought Australia was trying to copy in the 80’s, and still had around (ie: the buildings, palm trees and general feel). I found it to be totally different, even alienating to a point. I realized then that Australia really does have its own unique voice and style. Everything that I loved in my childhood is still hanging around today, from buildings to signs to “feels” of places. L.A is very much in the present, where as I feel Australia is stuck in the past in a way. 

10.)What is the next step for the Young Earl Grey?

Who knows! I don’t like to predict the future. Anything could happen!

 Get your Hands on your very own Young Earl Grey’s piece:


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