Artist Amy Theard Shows Us How to Live Your Life in Color

photo 5

A few weeks ago while attending DJ for a Cure I had the pleasure of meeting artist Amy Theard. She was on the dance floor full of spirit and dancing it up! Amy’s confidence bounced off the wall and drew me to her even before I had a chance to see the magical pieces of art she creates. Her personality is as brilliant as her passion for the arts, and I know she will put a spark in day.

1.) What are some of the greatest influences in your career?
My families support,my country and my father! He was an artist, and feel he lives on not only in his work but through me.
2.) Where do you draw your inspirations from?
Life, past and present relationship and music.
3.) When did you discover your passion in the arts?
2 years ago when I lived in Haiti!
4) Seeing women in the arts is not only refreshing by refreshing as well.  What message would you like to give young women looking for an expressive outlet in the arts?
I would say do what feels real to you! Don’t worry about what others will think! Be bold and confident about what your trying to tell the world whether its through dance, painting,acting,writing …whatever! and don’t ever compare yourself to anyone.
5.) What role does music play in your creative processes?
A big one! I cant paint without my sappy love sick R&B! Also all of my portrait work is of musicians.
6.) What impact did your year long stay in your home country of Haiti have on your art?
My stay there is what started my art! I never painted before I went to Haiti! It was meant for me to discover my passion there. Was a self discovery.
7.) Whats your three favorite albums on rotation?
Im such the 90’s R&B chick so TLC Crazy Sexy Cool ,Jodeci Forever My Lady and R Kelly 12 Play.
8.)I love your personal style! What are your go to items in your closet right now?
Thank you!! I love a good statement necklace, a really high classic pair of black pumps and great tight maxi dress. Yes GAWD!
9.) I am so humbled by your amazing use of color! Cirque du Femmes is so impactful and moving. What inspirations birthed such a beautiful piece?
Again Thank you! I love bright colors! That piece is special to me because its about self love and confidence. I painted to remind myself how far I’ve come in just how I view myself as a woman.
10.) What are your artist goals for you career in the near future?
I want to continue to show and build and learn within my craft. I would love to team with companies and have my art be incorporated into different types of merchandising. My ultimate goal is to open a school. So far I’m enjoying my journey and I trust it will take me to where I want to go but most importantly where I need to be.


Check out more art from this amazing artist below:


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