A Wedding in Brooklyn

(Skirt Made by me, Linen Jacket: thrifted, Shirt: (his) Calvin Klein, Clutch: Claires (Years old), Necklace: Payhalf)

Our weekend ended with a blast at my loves friends wedding. The entire time pending the celebration, I found myself on pins and needles trying to figure out what was appropriate for a Jewish ceremony while allowing me to express my personal style. I looked online, browsed department stores, and ripped my closet to shreds almost giving up. I finally met my tipping point ready to throw on a simple knee length black dress ( that hangs in my emergency clothing stash in the back of my closet), when I stumbled across a ton of beautiful fabric in a bin at my local thrift store for $7 (WIN).

I’ve always wanted to recreate Michelle Obama’s Carolina Herrera’s full skirt look (as seen below) and with a little time and love I made it work.


My Mr. wore a suit we discovered at the thrift store and we took to his tailor to have fitted properly. His shoes were from Aldo’s Mr. B’s collection, socks from Calvin Klein, tie was Tommy Hilfiger, (and the best fro ever 🙂 )


I was a little unsure what to expect at the wedding but it was a beautiful ceremony full of tradition and love. The Rabbi explained how the bride and grooms two souls finally found one another and they are now merged as one soul.  So many celebrations happened in one ceremony and the night ended with a lot of dancing, drinking and tons of food.

We celebrated love in one of it’s truest forms, leaving filled with love, a little too much to drink, and wondering how many kidneys we need to sell to buy a brownstone in Brooklyn LOL.

Check out the rest of our photos below:

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  1. Wow, I am really loving how your wore that full skirt! Uber stylish, nice job!!


    1. thank you love… and I love how you rocked that burgundy color in your last post! Followed you on bloglovin’!!!

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