A Mother Load of Love

Mothers near and far were celebrated by their children today, showered in praises for giving us love stronger than anything imaginable. I woke up sending out many text, calls and emails to all of the beautiful mothers I know including my own all the way down in Atlanta, GA. After sending out my praises and running around town all day it was time for dinner with my love, his sister, and their amazing mother at Samba’s in Montclair NJ.

Over the weekend I received a package from Long Tall Sally making my transition into dinner seamlessly comfortable. Long Tall Sally is a company specializing in clothing for taller women and because of them I  have the perfect pair of  combat pants that REACHES MY ANKLES. It can challenging to find anything that fits my limbs, but Long Tall Sally takes care of height issues and they also carry shoes ranging up to size 15!

The “Crepe Cuffed Combat Pant” features two pocket zippers, draw string waist with a cuffed leg. The Khaki color and light weight is a great introduction in to my spring wardrobe and transitions easily from day to evening wear. I paired my pair Enzo Angiolini pumps, my top and bag were both gifted from my ThinMint Life&StylePatty and topped the look off with a hat from Payhalf and a street vendor cuff.

My hunny definitly looked handsome in his J. crew Oxford Shirt, Summer Weight Chinos and kick ass Asics Gel Lyte’s 

It doesn’t matter weather the mother figure in your life isn’t who gave birth to you, it is the bond that formulates between you that makes it worthy to be celebrated, The nurturing love that comes from the person you identify as your mother is beautiful and shapes you into greatness. Being able to have so many strong mothers and supportive women in my life inspires me to sculpt my goals in life and pursue  all of them.

Click links to Get the Look:

1.) Long Tall Sally ” Crepe Cuffed Combat”   (I am wearing a size 10 with 34″ Inseam)

2.) Hat: Asos     3.) Similar Cuff: Forever 21   4.) Similar Shoes: DSW   

 5.) Similar Top: Express     6.) Option Clutch: Aldo

Check out the rest of our Mothers Day Celebration below:


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Annie Sams Thomas aka Momma says:

    I’m “jelly” wish I could have been there with you all, I know you had a great time. Marcia thank you…

    1. I missed you too! can’t wait to see you and take you out for dinner!

  2. Tall Chica says:

    Super cute! Is your hunny your height or taller? I’m 6’2 and LOVE my heels but I’m having insecurities about dating shorter men…can you discuss your views on this?

    1. He actually is a bit shorter than me and I still wear heels. I use to be insecure about my height, but I finally grew to love what makes me… ME. I got to a point in my life where I didn’t want my height to stop me from wearing heels or meeting the man of my dreams just because of a few inches and what others thought. I use to be big on having a guy tower over me but I realized that by doing that I cut out getting to know really wonderful people. My hunny swept me off my feet 8 yrs ago and says the first thing that drew him to me was my height. I think every one has their preferences and if you want a guy your height or taller when your in heels then go for it girl, but don’t let that be your end all be all. Women our height (i’m 6’1 by the way) we stand out even in flats so I encourage you to embrace with your beautiful amazon self!!!! Thank you so much for asking love! xoxo Amber

  3. Tall Chica says:

    thank you so much for responding! I appreciate your words!

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