Race Against the Rain

My celebration of sunlight was short lived since the forecast is bringing back to reality with the chance of rain. I threw on a pair of my boyfriend old shorts in the hope of catching a few beams of light and warm breeze but I wasn’t so lucky. Refusing to admit defeat we made a quick trip to     Hot Grill (Home of NJ’s best Hot Dogs) and enjoyed a good old cheat meal.

A good tote bag is something I live by and after tracking this beauty in Home Goods a weeks ago, it hasn’t left my arm. I carry everything in here including groceries, change of clothes, and anything else I need through out the day and still look stylish.

Here’s a few if you’re looking for a day to day tote bag:www.ChicNova.com



I wore J.Crew Factory Perfect Shirt, J.Crew utility Jacket (Similar here) ,

J.Crew Mens Chino Short, Rampage Sandels (Similar here), Payhalf Necklace (Similar here)

Sunnies Ray bans (Similar here) 


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    1. Loving you site and layout…It such a fun blog and your outfits are fab! Followed u on bloglovin’!

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