Tears and Technology

This weekend has been a trying one only because the scariest thing that could happen to a blogger happened to me. My macbook pro crashed and I have yet managed to turn her on or receive any of my material. I played it somewhat smart by backing up the most important files (thank God for dropbox and memory sticks) but all of my random photos, music, and other items that was left out because I didn’t have the space maybe as good as lost. I know i’ve been playing Russian roulette by not “backing up” with an external HD but please send up a few Hail Marys for me in hopes of a good outcome… or at least a working computer. Till then I will have to work magic with other devices.

Either way the weekend weather has been wonderful and between my panic attacks over my laptop I had a great weekend. My best best friend inky and I finally tried Anthony Oven Coal Pizza where I stuffed my face with fresh mozzarella and a tall glass of Magic Hat beer.


Saturday I wore my go to vintage jumper(two years old), J. Crew utility jacket, and Rampage sandals.

On Sunday I kept it really relaxed in my DIY jeans, J. crew Baseball sweater, Rampage sandals, DIY camo vest, and red lips.


In the mist of it all I had a beautiful weekend, filled with love and relaxation.  Even though I hit this bump in the road I have too much to be thankful for and won’t cry over spilled milk. At the end of the day I have learned a valuable lesson in investing in proper storage. Bare with me in this time of distress 😦 and feel free to email me  (tallglassofstyle@gmail.com) for any links or advice that I may not include in post.

xoxo – Tallglassofstyle


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