Tall Girl Little Dress Summer Confidence

Today was perfect open sunroof cruising weather! All I wanted to do was sit in the sun, and let it wash over these long steams in hopes of achieving some sort of tan. I got this Jessica Simpson dress last year off a Marshall’s rack and it took all twelve months to be comfortable enough to wear it in public. I’m certain this dress is knee length on a shorter woman but with my height (6’1) it’s a flirty mini, that threatened to fly up with every gust of wind. I stared at it hanging on my closet door for about 20 minutes before dropping a hard F-Bomb, greasing up my legs and throwing her on. I’ve been blessed with these thick stilts and I’m ready to show them off to the world.

The pattern of the dress is what caught my eye when I spotted it on racks, but it was the cut out in back that sold me. I grabbed my Old Navy denim jacket just in case the weather decided to get bi-polar, and my favorite mirror shades. I’m considering today a mini celebration. I once wanted to hide my height, cover up my thick body, and blend in with everything around me. Over time I have and still am learning how important it is to celebrate who you are as a woman and recognize how beautiful  an artist God is by having the power to make us all different.

Here’s a few options below if you want to rock this look:

Dress: Forever 21

Jacket: Long Tall Sally 

I hope you  guys get to enjoy this weather as well and if feel free with sharing your story of over coming insecurity in you life in the comments below.. Remember that we are in this together and can learn from each others stories .


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