I Left My Heart in Philly

My girls weekend in Philly has been utterly amazing. Having a Saturday full of great music by Janelle Monae, Snoop and other artist meant only one thing… RELAXATION SUNDAY! After packing up our things, we made our way to Honey’s Sit-N-Eat restaurant for a bit of outdoor brunch (and when I say little I really mean BIG AS HELL). The sangria I mixed lasted us the entire weekend and it was only right to finish during our morning feast.

Since I knew we were going to be traveling home I wanted to dress for comfort, so I opted for a vibrantly colored maxi I thrifted a few years back, and braided my hair back. There’s nothing better than wearing something easy and light after a fun filled weekend.



Dress: Thrifted (Similar here) | Clutch: Payhalf (Similar here) | Sandals: Rampage (Similar Here) |

Necklace: Gypsy Warrior (Similar here) | Sunnies: Forever 21 (Similar here)  | Lipstick: NYX Pure Red Rouge  : PhoneCase: J.Crew Factory (Similar here) 

After grubbing, we headed to South street to check out the vintage shops, street art, and all of the beautiful glass mosaics hidden away in the alleys. The colors jumped off the buildings washing me in a wave of inspiration. We spotted the mermaid I passed last year during Made in America, leaving me with a feeling of protection. I always know it’s a good day when i spot a mermaid and looking up to see her confirmed it. We made one more mandatory Philly  run to Pat’s Cheese Steaks. Pat’s has strict rules on how to properly order a cheese steak, and the wise guy cooks know how to make any out of towner smile.

Stuffed to the max we left Philly happy as can be. This weekend reminded me how important good music is and that a live concert can transport you to a place of pure creatively. Sharing this experience with friends made it an unforgettable moment in my life and Philly is constantly finding new ways to creep into my heart. Thanks to the people at Okayplayer and the entire Roots team for bringing the boom to my weekend! (Check out more images below)


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