Mermaid at the Art Show

This past Saturday I attended The Art Factory’s 6th annual Art Walk and felt completely visually stimulated. Almost 400,000 sq. feet of the 19th century historic industrial building was filled with incredible works of art. I wanted to be art chic cool and wear all black to the event, but instead I tapped into my creative spirit and decided to do an easy DIY. I created a maxi skirt and tube top both with elastic bands in fabric I thrifted a few months ago. Something about the color combination channeled my inner mermaid and I felt completely in my element surrounded by creative beings and their works of art.  


I added my new J.Crew Factory necklace (similar here) , a fedora (Similar here), and gold tote, (similar here). From paintings, sculptors, to live art and music the entire factory beamed from expression and beauty.

I walked away spilling over with appreciation and a growing lust for the arts. It takes a deep connection with oneself to express creativity and it’s an extremely personal experience. The fact that I am able to witness it and allowed to be apart of such beauty is humbling and gives me the push I need to be more expressive and share my own talents.  I hope your weekend was amazing as well!!

Check out some of my favorite pieces from the art walk below:


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  1. This looks like a lot of fun! That maxi skirt you are wearing looks great on you, such a pretty color. I found your blog on the Lucky Community page, love it!

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