Bamz Does Beauty: Coconut Oil the Cellulite Killer?

Coconut oil

Cellulite is one of the most dreaded words in the female vocabulary and the subject of insecurity for women of all shapes and sizes. The dimpling of thighs and bums have had women opting out of showing off their steams and turing down trips to the beach just to hide their battles with the dreaded C word.

Cellulite has been an evil visitor on my thighs for years and between dropping money on ineffective products claiming to make it disappear over night, hitting a million squats, and covering up in 100 degree weather, I have found myself on the edge of defeat and ready to throw in the towel. I had all but given up till trusty Google came to save the day. While researching the benefits of Coconut Oil for natural hair I discovered the revolutionary “superfood” aided in the fight against Cellulite! According to the internet listing a million ways to use Coconut Oil and hundreds of positive reviews, I’ve had the power of summer ready thighs sitting in my kitchen cabinet this while time.

So I’ve decided to try this product out and have developed an experiment I call the


Items need:


2.)Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (HERE) or ur local WholeFoods or Trader Joes

3.)Snap a Before photo to measure you results 


1.)Drink 50-60 ounces of water daily!!!

*Well hydrated skin improves elasticity and rejuvenates tissue growth which supports the disappearance of cellulite while detoxifying the body*

2.) Take a Hot Shower

*Taking a HOT shower will open up the pores preparing the target area for coconut oil massage treatment*

3.) Pat body dry

4.) Apply oil generously 

5.) Message area with your hands on areas for 10 to 20 minutes

6.)Wipe away any access oils

Combining this with my weekly work outs and proper nutrition I am looking forward to seeing results at the end of the month! Will you be joining me in the 30 Day Coconut Oil Challenge?! Make sure to let us know!!!



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