Thrift Store Princess

I wanted to take a moment and share my love of thrift and vintage clothing. I was introduced to the seductive ways of thrifting in my Jr. year of high school. I was was completely over the same old stuff in the mall, and didn’t even have the funds to invest in what I lovingly called “Clone Wear”. After dance practice one of my teammates asked me if Id like to go to   the thrift store with her. Since my life revolved around school and dance class I knew I had nothing else planned but to zombie out in front of a few hours of ABC’s T.G.I.F… (DAMN I”M OLD ;( )  Once inside of the thrift store I was in AWE. I wasn’t ready for the scent of mothballs hitting my nose but my eyes had never seen so much beauty in one warehouse.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis hide away housed vintage pant suits, 80’s styled clutches, and a crap tone of sparkled jackets calling my name like a heavenly choir. I watched my stylish dance partner rip into the racks with ease, as I just stood there feeling like a lump on a log. I heard her giggle and then shove a black sequin jacket into my hands before saying ” Earth to Bean Stalk…(her nickname for me)  This has your name written all over it.”  I cowardly walked over to the foggy mirror on the wall and tried on the blazer. It did smell a bit like a grandmothers hand me down, but I looked like a diva! I spun around, watching how the sparkle from the dim fluorescent lights danced on my shoulders. My Partner in dance and now my Thrift Mate smiled in approval before returning to her hunt. I glanced down art the yellow price tag and almost lost my footing… “5 Bucks?!’ I yelped. At that very moment I became hooked on the fairy dust of thrift stores and vintage shopping.

Years later, I still dive into thrift stores constantly, only heading to the mall for basics. I always feel like a treasure hunter ready to discover new gems buried under layers of sand and fools gold. Weeks ago, after a beautiful day in Brooklyn my Love and I stumbled on a little thrift shop where I found this skirt. The sparkle caught his eye on the rack and we both agreed that it was in need of a new home in my closet. Once home from the cleaners I paired it with my cream bustier which is also a thrift find. With my straw panama hat and a little heel to elevate my look I’m ready to show the world my love of all things thrift.




8 Comments Add yours

  1. cldunsmore0215 says:

    such a gorgeous dress!(: and I completely agree,as a teenager on a budget..most of my clothes are thrifted these days,and it’s great!(:

  2. marlenameow says:

    Aww, I love thrifting! And those are both amazing finds; love them paired together!

  3. That dress is to die for! You look GORG too!



    1. thank you so much and thank you for visiting!

  4. arikag says:

    This is such a beautiful outfit and I love the element that your hat adds to it!


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