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SGIGO- Lindsay
I had the chance to interview Fashion Illustrator and style maven Lindsay a few weeks back after seeing her amazing work on my IG page. Since then, I have been stalking her beautiful artwork & fallen in love with her amazing personal style. This woman is not only a proud FashionEating Delta, but is an individual who is making the world her playground and we say “SHE GOT IT GOIN’ ON”!
Click for the Entire Interview Below:

1.) What are some of the greatest influences in your career?
This is a bit of hard question to answer, because I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m ‘in my career’ yet, but I would say that I am inspired by the drive and the fortitude of many. My mother, definitely is my number one, her tenacity and fortitude. I love colors, and beautiful things, nature and flowers, architecture, and design. As an artist, I think I draw from many different things, which in turn influence me. Its always something different, it can be a flower I see on the ground, or a Prada ad I see inside of Vogue.


2.)I love your ability to capture your subjects personality and essence. could you please share some of your creative process?
I do a lot of pinning on pinterest, and a lot of scanning of magazines, and tumblr, looking at different works of art, different color schemes, different fashion blogs. I try to pick something that stands out the most to me, or something I want to accentuate in a piece of work (art work that is)! Sometimes I jump right into a new piece, not thinking too much, just letting my hand flow, while other times, I draw inspiration from different sources and really stop to think about what kind of look I want to go for, and what exactly I want to communicate.


3.) When did you discover your passion for illustration?

Surprisingly, it was not too long ago! I stumbled across it around the summer of 2013.  I had done one illustration prior to that, but it wasn’t that great! I had already started blogging, and came across a fashion illustration blog, and I thought to myself, “I want to do that! I know I can do that!” Mind you, I had been drawing for most of my life, and started painting at 14, so this was a new medium for me. I always strayed away from drawing people, because I thought it was so difficult!


4) What or who keeps you motivated in your life journey?

Jesus Christ, first and foremost. My faith is my center, my grounding, and my engine. I have had a very interesting journey, with being born with cerebral palsy, and the different challenges I faced with that, and it never ceases to amaze me how God moves through me, and for me. There have been many moments where I have felt completely overwhelmed and unsure, but I tap back into my prayer for purpose, recoup and get back to business. My mother motivates me everyday! She is truly my number one fan, she keeps me grounded, builds me up when I need it, and sits me down when I’m feeling myself lol.

5.) Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
J.Crew and ASOS are definitely my go-tos, I also love Ralph Lauren and Zara!


6.) What do you enjoy about blogging?
Connecting with people, and sharing my story and my journey! I never know how my story will help someone, so Im quite transparent on my blog. I love the connections I have made, and being inspired by others, and inspiring them at the same time.


7.) What’s currently bumping in your headphones?
Get Me Bodied by Beyonce.
8.)I love your personal style and how would you describe? What are your go to items in your closet?
Thank you 🙂 I would say its preppy chic! I used to be really preppy, like cable knit sweaters, oxfords, and sperrys with a strand of pearls around my neck. My style has definitely matured as I have, and I love getting different ideas from blogs, and magazines to kind of help me test the water a bit. My go to items are definitely a crop top in summer (Crop top killin’ it), a nice dress (colorful or striped), and printed pants.


9.)What’s your favorite or least favorite thing bout having natural hair?
Natural hair can be such a struggle sometimes! I love my curls, but I don’t love how they dont always cooperate the way I want them too. I love the versatility of being natural, even though I feel like I always wear my hair straight, or throw in a sew-in for convenience, I still like having the option of switching it up. Doing twist outs and flexi sets really makes my arms hurt, and I work out! LOL.


10.)What mark do you want to make on the the fashion industry?

Is it ok  that I just want to say the mark I want to make on the world!? I just want to be an inspiration. I want to be an Art Director for a major publication or brand (Maybe Chanel or Kate Spade! *prayers up*), but I just want to leave my mark. I want to leave a lasting impact on everything I touch, one of integrity and authenticity. No matter what comes of my life, I want people to know that I’m giving it all I’ve got.

Check out her amazing work and blog at : & be sure to follow her IG page at @2ndandl 

Here are some of her beautiful pieces below:

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