Bamz Does Beauty: Sorry Kim… I’m going with Biotin



If you are an IG abuser who has a thing for all things Kim K. like myself, than you have seen her and hundreds (literally hundreds) of celebrities and social butterflies drinking the Hair Infinity cool aid. This past year the pink bottle has constantly popped up on my feed everytime I want to troll my favorites. At first I accepted the fact that it was just a well thought out PR stunt, but after the passing of my grandmother and favorite uncle my hair started to fall out in clumps due to stress and mourning. My once full bodied mane was showing up on my shower floor and bed sheets. I avoided heat, moisturized, ritual deep condition sessions and sleep with a satin scarf and pillows but still my hair thinned over time and now that 2015 approaches things look grim in the volume department.

I caved in and decided to visit the site and order a batch, and that is where reality struck. A single  pink plastic bottle full of thick hair hopes and dreams is $24! My money saving habits kicked in and I decided to do a little research on what Hair Infinity really can do. Most of the reviews were negative revealing that many people suffered extreme breakouts, had double charges from the company, and soon as they stopped taking the product they had extreme breakage. I was ready to just accept defeat until I discovered the active ingredient in Hair Infinity is simply….Biotin .



(photo cred: fashionable hostess )

What’s Biotin? Biotin acts as a coenzyme in several metabolic reactions. Biotin is vital to cell proliferation, which is why it is a valuable tool in hair growth. When ingested, biotin reacts with cell enzymes and plays a vital part in producing amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Hair itself consists of keratin, which is a form of protein.

Biotin can be purchased at your local grocery store and drug store for as little as $8 but Hair Infinity is geared to convince us pop culture addicts that you have to shell out tons of money for celebrity idol hair. I then geared my research on how biotin effects the body and it has been proven to cause breakouts if taken in high dosages and with out plenty of water. I also found out that Fish Oil works well with Biotin to cut down the chance of breakouts and promotes healthy skin and nail growth. I purchased my Fish oil and Biotin both from my local Walgreens on sale for around $14 (Suck on that Hair Infinity) and though I am fearful of breakouts I’m hoping for a positive out come.

I will be starting my journey with:

Biotin 5,000 MCG X every other day

Fish Oils 1,000 X Once a Day

100 (or more) Ounces of water a day

and will be documenting my growth in a post at the end of November.

You can purchase your own here. <–

Weather this method works or not the moral of this story is… Don’t just jump on the band wagon because you see a celebrated face holding it in a photo on a social network. Not a single one of them will give you a negative or realistic review of the product because i’m sure thew fine print behind their checks prevents them from doing so. Stay tuned for a truthful review, from a regular





7 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol says:

    Can’t wait for tour review on how well it does or doesn’t work.Due to problems with my thyroid over the course of several years; my long curly hair is becoming thinner and thinner.I take several meds for medical issues and have a Kidney disease added so I can’t jump on every bandwagon that touts thicker hair. I would have to check with my Doctor but I think I would be able to follow your regime. So I have my fingers crossed and hope it works for you so than I can try it. P.S. So sorry for your loss, it’s hard when loved family members pass.We know they’re ib God’s hands and enjoying the promised land but it still leaves an ache in our heart with only memories to hug close to us.

    1. I will be reviewing very soon and thank you for sharing your struggle with me! Thank you so much for your kind words and God is always in our corner! Much love Queen

  2. Annie Sams says:

    Amber, my nail tech has constantly told me to get Biotin for my nails( believe it or not nails are part of the hair system) I will definitely buy some for sure now, cause if it will also give me some volume for my thin hair…I’m in…..Blessings sweetheart…

  3. retrostank says:

    Drop that knowledge, Queen!

  4. Bree says:

    Amber you are so spot on with this post!
    My boyfriend and I take Biotin daily and I definitely see a tangible improvement in my hair growth and retention. The same for him. I have not had any issues with breakouts.
    Good luck on your journey!

    1. Thank you BREE! Good luck on yours as well and keep me updated

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