10 Basic Tips to Solange Style

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Weather she’s enjoying an off the grid underground festival, serving it up on the red carpet, or slaying our Instagram feeds posed elegantly somewhere in the Bayou, Solange has become a staple in the world of Fashion. This newly wedded musically gifted star has made her way onto hundred of best dressed list, reblogged on thousands of Tumblr pages (including my own), and become the queen of mixed prints. It seems only right to breakdown her breathtaking rendition of style in 10 basic ways to achieve her looks .

1.) Same Color : Different Pattern

Solange is my personal style idols but i must admit I struggle with blending bold contrasting patterns. In effort to achieving the look try finding two patterns with the same Base color. Start with something simple like a white base, black patterns that will be simple in blending, and add a pop of color with a killer shoe or clutch.

Solange Beyonce pattern style tallglassofstyle icon

2.) Give Em’ a Lil’ Leg

Solange knows how to show off a bit of  skin and keeping it chic to the 100th degree. By keeping your base colors bold, a soft print overlay on a light weight fabric, your dresses/skirts slit will because an elegant dance leaving a lasting memory.

Solange Beyonce, patterns fashion, style, tallglassofstyle,

3.) Bigger the Better

Solange is clearly a lover of a full mane and has been captured rocking beautifully fluffy midi Fros, thick plentiful braids, and curly luster bundles teaching us that bigger is better in her book. Make sure to pump up the volume on your strands to get that Solange bounce.

Solange Beyonce pattern style tallglassofstyle icon

4.)  Find your Signature Color

Finding a color that plays up your skin tone will add points to your style game card! Loving the skin your in and dressing in tones that showcases it tells the world that it should be celebrated and Solange has nailed down her key color wheel!

5.) If it Suits Ya

Who said you had to the kill the red carpet in a dress?! Solange is a risk taker and shows us how a lady in a suit can steal the scene. Finding a well tailored suit, in a bold color is your ticket to taking your wardrobe to the next level.

Solange Beyonce pattern style tallglassofstyle icon

7.)New Age Color Block

Take a different approve to color blocking using muted colors and letting the structure of your garment do the talking. Mix warm colors with a black base and break it up with fun flares and pleats!


8.)Fabric Switch Up

Don’t be fearful of throwing on a bit of silk or satin to change up the outfit game. Prints and bold colors are always a great way to go but blending in a few unexpected fabrics in your looks will have you stand out and can add a feminine flare to your wardrobe.



9.) Bust out the CoConut Oil

Solange is always looking buttered up and moisturized to the fullest and it’s always an over looked feature in her style handbook. Spring is around the corner and soon those limbs will be exposed so make sure you are breaking out the essential oils, shea butter, and coconut creams to achieve Solanges well greased and supple legs.

Solange Beyonce pattern style tallglassofstyle icon



Be open to tread the undiscovered path in fashion and be expressive with your looks. Solange embraces unique ideas of fashion and is an amazing influence to anyone revamping their closet! So study up, head to your local thrift store and troll those online small shops! Happy Shopping!

Solange Beyonce pattern style tallglassofstyle icon


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