Pressing the Reset Button


Tis’ the season to be brunching and what better way to celebrate the first weekend of July by heading to an Everyday People Brunch. I sent out the Facebook invite to my girls, “Budget Shopped” my closet, and made sure the fro was present for the event.
Saturday was a beautiful sunny day as we headed to LA Marina in our best “beachy” outfits. Hosted by Chef Roble , Saada along side elite tastemakers, we primped and chatted as we waited on line with other vibrant attendees. Making past the doorman and friendly security we had sand between our toes, drinks in hand, and the DJ making the crowd groove as the breeze danced along side us.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my work week that I dismiss the importance of getting with my friends and cutting loose. There has been a shift in my professional life which has been blocking my creative outlets, and causing me to doubt my own talents. After talking to those closest to me I’ve been reminded how life is about balance and i must celebrate the gifts I’ve been blessed with. Just because I clock in to work for a company doesn’t mean I can’t balance my personal branding and make time to enjoy life. The universe reacts to our actions and by changing my negative out look I’m letting the world know I’m ready for some positive changes no matter how scary they maybe.

Many of us Millennials struggle with balancing 9-5’s to pay for student loans, striving for the life our parents want for us, with wanting to pave our own way and becoming businesses owners. Burnout is something we constantly feel creeping into our professional and personal lives but stepping away from it all to press the rest button is KEY to survival.

Everyday People Brunch is that escape that we need to shake off our struggles and let the DJ and drinks wash over us. EPB has grown gracefully into one of the most talked about events of the spring/summer season and every time I attend I leave my heart on the dance floor. Good food, drinks flowing, and DJs dropping tracks causing the crowd to shout “DAMN THAT’S MY SHIT!”. This brunch has became one of the highlights of my summer events and I’m looking forward to their next “bashment”!

Xoxo Tallglassofstyle


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