Learning When to Cut Loose: Greatest Day Ever Edition


I have never been a believer of “playing the wall” at any function that plays reggae, EDM, club music or anything else with a bass line deep enough to have your ancestors twerking and I saved up all the little youthful juice I could for this past weekends “Greatest Day Ever” party in Brooklyn. I had been playing grown-up all week pushing out orders, praying to clock out and so decided to get a Diana Ross weave (which didn’t last 28 hrs), throw on sneakers, and put my ticket to good use. The gang trucked across the bridge to throw the week into the wind and get way more sweaty than expected. (I literally felt like I took all the dust from the abandon lot home with me *gross*)

The day party had taken social media by storm last year and given me a huge dose of F.O.M.O *Fear of missing out*, so when the tickets released, text messages went flying and our little group of ten planned on taking Greatest Day Ever by storm. Being on the other side of 25 made me a bit skeptical about partying with 18 year olds (no shade but…shade) and everything went wrong before even heading out the door. My hair came out super tangled, my skirt ripped while heading out the door, and an “I’m too old for this” melt down loomed over me. I sat with a comb stuck in my hair, favorite skirt ruined, and feeling the tears brew when I heard my phone chime with the message  “Son WHERE ARE YOU?!”.  I had worked hard all week looking forward for this and now I was allowing a few bad outcomes end my day before it even started. Self doubt crawled into my mind and and now little set backs convinced me I wasn’t worthy of a good time. It was at that moment I decided not to allow  “age anxiety”  get the best of me and took some of my advice from  “30 things to do before, during, & after 30” 

30.) Cherish Yourself

“Everything begins with your well being and counting the days till you are no longer a “spring chicken” is a sure fire way on overshadowing the wonderful person you are”

I could sit at home lurking Facebook post of awesome times of yesteryear beating myself up about my age or I could focus on  celebrating life and we all deserve a good ole’ hardy turn up!  I caught myself playing down the power of self accpetance, and not putting enough faith in my (same age group) turn up crew to make a great time happen no matter what hurdles swing my way. A day filled with beers, trill music, and loving friendships allowed me to sweat the week away and feel confident in myself. I hold the torch of badassness and after a bit of reflection I strolled into the GDE gates ready to take on the dance floor (well…. dusty pavement)


In all honesty i’m still more comfortable partying with an older crowd mostly because I’d like to not be the only person/group that goes crazy when the original version of “Ginuwine: Pony” is played, but the lesson I’m highlighting today is recognizing when self-doubt sprouts in your heart and find outlets that remind you how FUCKIN’AMAZING you truly are.  Go out looking your best, ready to dance, sweat like crazy while celebrating the life you’ve been blessed with. For those few hours forget the things you can not change and trust in yourself to attack the world and achieve your goals. You deserve to enjoy yourself and let nothing (INCLUDING YOURSELF) tell you other wise.


OOTD: 100 packs of hair, Express Leggings, Forever 21 Ban top (similar) , Ray-ban Shades, Nikes via KithNYC

Check out the rest of our adventures below 🙂  and make sure to visit brunchbounce.com for more cool events!

Stay Vibrant Love Always


PS. theres a few missing but you get the jest’ LOL







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  1. hey girl!! My name is Kiki and I’m showing love from the “Live what you love” group! Awesome blog! Looking forward to more of your posts! Be blessed!

    1. Hello KiKI I’m loving your blog as well and will be following via Google+ and loving your post!

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