A Day In Brooklyn: TGOS X Jord Watch Collaboration


As time seems to be racing against us, and summer is on its final act my love and I ventured to Brooklyn Museum to check out their latest exhibits. I finally got to rock my vintage pants I found earlier this year, flash a bit of glitter with my H&M tee shirt (FROM MY POOH:) ) and add my Jord watch to pull the look together.  I left my fro free to enjoy the hot sun, had our fill of southern fried fish, and let our day in NY surrounded by art inspire us.

When grabbing coffee, getting our tickets, or just reaching out to shake someones hand I received so many amazing compliments to my stunning wooden watch. Since we have the time always available on our smart phones we forget the importance of a stylish time piece and now I realize what an amazing conversation starter a great watch can be.nng77l_HUnl8Ic5hpABZilTuBLeiUlX253gYZCyixVU,okxSYIIB2hgSyFgnJpfnNA1f6UnYF-b3ezSrpmzhQu0Jord knows the importance of creative thinking and inspiring moments in time through sustainable designs. Their hand crafted wooden collections are perfect examples of well thought out craftsmanship, reminding us the importance of appreciating time spent developing a product that start conversations between perfect strangers.



Click here to get your hands on your own Jord piece!!!

xoxo: TallGlassofstyle


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Channing says:

    Obsessed with these pants!

    1. Thank you love! Favorite vintage find 😄

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