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Running around outside, climbing trees, and digging for worms was the type of activities I cared about as a child, which all resulted in muddy foot prints on the kitchen floor driving my grandmother insane. Being a country tomboy made it difficult to form bonds with girls my age because their conversation revolved around candy flavored lipgloss, while I loved to change the subject to who would be on my team kickball team at recess. Being the girl that picked mud pies over glitter body spray was my safe place eventually building a wall between me and understanding the importance of skincare.
Once entering my teens I started to venture into bath and body works picking up sticky lip stains, body gel sets, and trying to figure out how to use a lash curler without taking my eye balls out. I did everything bad I could do to my skin when it came to maintaince, the products, and all the junkfood I ate but consider it all a learning experience.
I have dry skin sensitive to heavy products, prone to black heads and I deal with hormone triggered break outs (aka my face looks like a pizza when I PMS).wpid-img_20150903_091350.jpg

Dealing with all these elements have been a struggle, and though I don’t have the worst skin in the but what I have learned is that all skin types need to be handled with care. As a lifestyle blogger I will now be implementing content providing you guys with helpful tips, advice from beauty bloggers and experts in the field, products you’ll love to try, as well as taking you on my mission to learn how to use makeup properly (because im almost 30 and I STILL SUCK AT IT lol).

Looking forward to sharing “Bamz Does Beauty” 

Feel free to share what you’d like to see covered!
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