Patterns in My Heart

(Entire outfit thrifted bag DIY total cost $38)

I’ve tried to be one of those people that dress according to trends and keep up with the “current” looks but it felt so impersonal. I have to dress my mood and though I do use current trends as a means of inspiration I don’t style by any lofty rules. Some days I want to be a bit goth in all black, others I want to be a pattern crazed canvas but at the heart of all my looks there’s me.

Sometimes its hard for me to look at constant streams of “personal style blogs” that don’t seem PERSONAL at all. Not everyone is a lover of colors and patterns like me but there’s something about embracing your authentic style the shines through no matter what your aesthetic is. Walk to your closet and ask yourself “Is this helping me tell the world who I am?” It took me years to discover my personal style which has proven to be an ever evolving door but no matter what it is authenticity ME.

What are your views on Personal Style?
(PS. You can get your hands on my blazer now on Depop! )








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