Brave Little Giant Featuring Long Tall Sally

tallglassofstyle, long tall sally With a change in seasons we now shift our home décor to warm tones, finally pack away our summer outfits, and schedule that apple picking hayride we’ve been waiting on all year. September blew past us and even though  I’m on the hunt for the perfect apple picking hayride and counting down the days till Halloween but in all honesty these past few weeks have been a struggle.

The shifting of  seasons have forced me to take a step back and evaluate the happenings in my life and take a closer look at the relationships I keep. My 9-5 has been changing drastically and forced me to look into alternative employment, expanding my freelance career, working hard on rebranding/the elevation of  TallGlassofStyle and most importantly ive been faced with a lot of challenges in some of my closest friendships. All of this has pushed my anxiety through the roof turning my mind into a revolving door of worries and a playground of overthinking.tallglassofstyle, long tall sally

I’ve been near my breaking point but I’ve voiced my worries and stress to my loved ones and they’ve  been helping me look at the glass half full. Life comes at you fast especially when your trying to balance achieving personal goals and the things reality throws at you. Instead of curling up in a ball I have made the choice to fight through the crappy days and jump ahead of the curve. I ordered a planner (along with stickers) to schedule MY LIFE, I’m sharing more with friends and family so they have an understanding of what I’m dealing with, and realized at the end of the day “SOMETIMES SHIT HAPPENS”. Not everything is going to go the way you envisioned and sometimes it will feel as if the entire world is piling up against you but being open to sharing, asking for help, and keeping positive helps you tear down that wall.

It takes a lot of courage to face this world so be brave, stay strong and battle through like the Warrior Giant I know you have inside of you!

check out the rest of my shoot with Shaka ( below!


Jacket (Similar Here) | Top: (Long Tall Sally) | Jean: (Long Tall Sally)

Boots (Similar Here) | Sunnies (Here)

wpid-dsc_6730-1-01.jpeg wpid-dsc_6733-01.jpeg wpid-dsc_6677-1-01.jpeg wpid-dsc_6667-01.jpeg


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