Note from Bamz : Finding Light in Rejection


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Yesterday afternoon one of my girlfriends and I were siting across from each other in Starbucks with our brews resting on either side of us buzzing away at laptops attacking various personal projects. It’s become a tradition of sorts for us to spend hours at the mobile office (Starbucks) balancing girl chat with real work over caffeine and free wifi. It was midway through our “Jam Session” when an alert for a “FREE” Roots Concert in central park binged from her phone. Within minutes we made a plan of attack, jam packing the next hour with work, than hightailing it into the city for the concert. We found a way to change clothes (which took way longer than planned ) and arrive at central park just in time to get turned down at the door learning the “Free Tickets” were given out days before the event . We tried everything up our sleeves to get in from acting as if we belonged in VIP (HUGEFAIL), walking around the entire HEAVILY guarded venue in hope of sneaking in, to finally walking several blocks for an ATM in hopes of buying “free tickets” off anyone who silly enough to give up ROOTS TICKETS!  It seemed hopeless as we kept getting hit with “NO’s” and we literally stood at the gate out of options. We took one last look at the lucky few strolling, turned our heels to walk away  before getting stopped.  Our ticket angel witnessed  our struggle, charged us $20 for his left over tickets and we were finally in!

A sold out concert we had no plans on going to was now right in front of us with plenty of room in the place to dance like fools. We sang at the top of our lungs having the time of our lives ending the night with pizza and a few beers at Brooklyn Bowl. We were two really determined women that went into this journey with a positive mind and even though we were at the brink of calling it a night the universe said “No worries I got you”

I woke up today I bit tired, but still buzzing from an amazing night out, wanting nothing but a hot cup of coffee to get my day started. Scrolling through my DVR to catch up on the fall line ups, sipping homebrew as my puppies snored at my feet I heard my email alert go off with a message that had the power of emotionally crumbing my entire day. I opened it  ending up on the receiving end of a rejection message from a job I really had my heart set on. I went into the interview weeks ago armed with my resume, charm, great references and informative questions. I was given a tour of the location, met the owner of the company and made sure to send a simple yet sweet thank you letter to my interviewer. I knew I qualified for the position, had the skills to pay the bills and kept a positive outlook but still I had to read the line  “We regret to inform you…”. I had been rejected.

I stared at the message prepared to let my coffee get cold and crawl back in  bed allowing defeat to wash over me. I have been on the hunt for a new position for the last two months and after rejection letters of all shapes and sizes, the jobs not matching the description I interviewed for, and having to accept less pay I had invested myself in this particular position and got a “No Thanks”.  Last night helped me choose a positive outlook because those No’s ended up helping us achieve our YES.  I could’ve sat on my couch crying over something out of my hands or I can put trust in what the universe has coming my way. Rejection fucking sucks no matter where it comes from but yesterday really prepared me to have a better reaction to what landed in my inbox this morning.

Things don’t always happen when you want them to happen and  we must remember that rejection is part of our lifes journey helping push us towards the RIGHT YES. Yes, I’m upset about not landing the position I wanted, but I gave it my all and if it was/is the place I need to be… I will be there. Still I bring my A game to interviews, send off my resumes and put work to make my goals come to reality but I will still get some rejections but those NO’s will eventually get my in the right place at the right time to receive the Right Yes I’ve been looking for. If you are struggling with rejection especially in your professional career know that you aren’t alone and we all hit brick walls that seem too steeped to climb but just make sure your not focused on the negative and you are ready to receive the YES you’ve  been working towards

With Love, Bamz



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  1. Annie Thomas says:

    Great attitude Sweetheart, I am very proud of you. Your greater is coming….

  2. B-Fancy says:

    OMG…………This spoke to my spirit! Looking for a job is a job within itself, and when you hear the constant No’s, it can weigh heavily on your self esteem. I am grateful for your words at this very vulnerable time in my life. Thank you for speaking some life into my spirit!

    1. I’m glad we are relating and fight through this lady! ONE day at a time and I’m sending nothing but positive vibes to you and your journey

  3. Monet says:

    Thank you so much for your transparency and a reminder that rejection is apart of the journey that will place you ultimately where you are meant to shine.

    1. It took me a long time to realize not every door we knock on is a house we should enter and even though it hurts to hear NO we have to change our outlook on rejection. Eventually you will receive your YES so staying positive is key! Thank you so much for reading love and sending good vibes your way.

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