6 Step D.I.Y Glitter Skull To Glam Up your Halloween

tallglassofstyle, diy, halloween

We have reached the time of year when all the costumes you wanted are out of stock, you’re DVR’ing Hocus Pocus (BEST HALLOWEEN MOVIE EVER), and you are ready to kill the next person who mentions the word pumpkin, yes folks Halloween is upon us! I am a self proclaimed queen of DIY projects, constantly overwhelmed with looming projects on my Pinterest boards I for some reason I swear i’m going to actually do (GUT LAUGHS). I’ve seen a lot of great ideas on there ranging from stress creating challenges literally no human on the planet could recreate to some super simple ideas that take only a few minutes. So I pulled some inspiration dugging deep as I trolled the dollar store  and came up with this super easy 6 step Glitter Skull DIY which you can use as your Halloween center piece or for year round decoration in your home! So on your marks… Get SET.. CRAFT!

Things You’ll Need:

tallglassofstyle, glitter skull DIY, DIY.

  1. Plastic Skull *dollar store*
  2. Tin Foil *Paper Plates tend to get bendy when glue or paint stays on too long*
  3. Sponge Brushes (dollar store) *I used two sizes Larger one for the back of the head smaller for the front
  4. Any color glitter (Kmart) *I used two different sizes*
  5. 1 Larger piece of construction paper (dollar store)
  6. 1 Large piece of thin paper * I used left over pattern paper*
  7. White Glue
  8. Clear Tape *no pictured*
  9. OPTIONAL clear acrylic spray paint

PSA: Please do project inside with protected floors glitter gets everywhere no matter how carful you are and you want to protect your eyes and keep Glitter and Glues out of reach of children & pets.

Step 1:

Tallglassofstyle, diy, glitter skull

After wiping down the skull I taped off the eyes nose and mouth areas since I will be covering the entire skull with small glitter and using the larger glitter for highlight and contour allowing more reflection.

Step 2:

                  Glitter Skull, diy, tallglassofstyle   Glitter Skull, diy, tallglassofstyle  wpid-20151007_163111-01.jpeg

Uncap glue and pour generous amount on to tin foil than load small sponge brush for application

Step 3:

                                       Glitter Skull, diy, tallglassofstyle       wpid-20151007_163111-01.jpeg

Take small sponge, dip lightly in glue and small sections cover starting from the for head. Apply glue in sections and pause between application to dust glitter *in heavy amounts* to section

Step 4:

Glitter Skull, diy, tallglassofstyle

Cover glue coated areas with heavy amounts of small glitter and continue to do with entire skull front to back. Once you have reached the back feel free to use bigger brush which will allow you to cut down on tape continue until covered completely.


Step 5:


Dab glue lightly along cheek bones, forehead and chin of skull and layer with the lager glitter. This will give the skull more dimension and make it POP..

*OPTIONAL* I didn’t really like what the skull looked like when I peeled off the tape from the nose, mouth, and eyes so I used the larger glitter to cover it and it turned out great! You can use any color you’d like or none at all for these areas but I love golf glitter way too much not to.

Step 6:


Now to dry! Set your skull in a safe place where it wont be tampered with (I put mine our in the back yard in the sun) and leave for close to an hour. The glue and glitter has been layered a bit so you’re going to want to leave it untouched to harden.


You can get clear acrylic spray to coat the skull to prevent the glitter flacking off. I know ill be scrubbing off this glitter and doing more projects soon so I did not but if you want to keep it around past Halloween season than go for it!

Clean up tip:

Make sure to catch all of the glitter that fell off when coating your skull with a thin sheet so you can pour back into the bottles! WE DONT WASTE AROUND HERE LOVES!

I know you guys enjoyed my DIY and let me know how yours turned out!

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