The Breeze of Layers


A few years ago my Auntie Pam gifted me with this beautiful cream knit dress and I’ve been waiting all summer to break her out of storage. Its lightweight with a little bounce to it so I get to layer and have tons of movement. I usually wear her with riding boots and a light jacket but this time I pulled on my wide leg Long Tall Sally Denim and my DIY vintage camo vest.

I love wearing pieces given to me out of love and making them my own especially when they come from my fly a$$ aunties or mom. The women in my life have always been style forward and growing up watching how my mother put an outfit together and observing my aunties always looking “sharp as a tack” still influences my style today.

To be frank there are thousands of people out there that love vintage like me, mix patterns like I do and have a deep obsession for Solange inspired style “points to self* but their is space to share similar taste in style and still OWN YOUR LOOK. No matter if its thrifted, fresh off the runway, or from TJ Maxx if you OWN YOUR LOOK you are the on the right track to the Best Personal Style!


Jeans | Sunnies | Similar Top | Vest via local thrift store| Similar Bag | Watch

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