Bamz Does Beauty: ACV Clay Hair Mask


I have been struggling with defining my curls for the past few weeks, looking for products to enhance my natural texture only to end up disappointed. I am a “warrior of moisture” meaning I make sure I make sure my scalp and hair shaft is properly hydrated by sticking to weekly DC treatments, adding light weight oils when handling my hair, and drinking plenty of water but still “she” (my hair) has been lacking. Months ago I watched my natural beauty mentor Hey Fran Hey ACV Clay Hair Mask tutorial which allowed her to cleanse her scalp while achieving impressive curl definition. With a little research thanks to the University of Google and Frans informative video I developed my own ACV Clay Hair Mask recipe that gave my hair the kick in the butt I’ve been looking for.

Bentonite clay has been around for years helping to rid the body of toxins and provide needed nutrients to the body. It can be used for  a number of things such as treating bug bites, facial mask, and can even be added to your bath for a refreshing detox soak. In this case I utilized it’s hearty benefits for a hair treatment. You have free range to play with the measurements and ingredients for your mask even skipping the additives for just a powder and water mixture but since I really wanted to give my hair a health revamp I opted to add apple cider vinegar for a deeper cleanse and aloe vera gel to help replenish moisture.

Benefits of Aztec Healing Clay include:

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel:

Benefits of ACV (apple cider vinegar)


Things you’ll need:

Step 1 Detangle & Section


Fill your spray bottle with warm water and spritz hair until it’s damp enough to detangle and section. You have the option of adding a little coconut oil to your hands to help with the detangling process but make sure you have the time to go slow since you don’t want to cause breakage. Since my hair is medium length I only part it into four different sections but if you have longer and/or thicker hair don’t be shy with adding a few sections .

The Key here is COVERAGE!


Step 2 Add Powder Clay to Bowl


Grab your ceramic bowl and measure out two spoonful of the clay in to the bowl. I didn’t bother to measure out exactly what I needed I just used my own judgment of what would cover my hair.


Step 3 Add Aloe Vera Gelwpid-20151008_090031_001-1.jpg

Add aloe *about a silver dollar size* to your clay and do a light stir to allow it to absorb a bit into the clay.

Step 3 ACV and Stir


Shake up your bottle of ACV very well before pouring close to a half a cup of apple cider vinegar into your bowl. I added the acv a little at a time until I got a light fluffy consistency to the mixture which makes it easier to apply to the hair. You want to have a good level of thickness to your mixture to prevent any dripping when applying.

Proud photo of my mixture


Step 4 Application

Take hair out of hair bands individually, spray with a light mist of water to make sure it’s damp during application and use your hands to cover section completely. Since my scalp tends to hold a lot of build up I made sure the coverage started from the roots to the tips of my hair. Once the section I applied my product to is covered I placed the band back on the hair making sure it doesn’t get in my face and also prevent it from drying too fast. Repeat this process until all sections have been covered. You have the option of placing a shower cap on for deeper penetration.


 Leave mask on for about 20-30 minutes which gives you enough time to get a load of laundry in, finally call your mother back, or sit and watch you DVR’s show you’ve been waiting all week for.

Step 5

Rinse out the product by taking out a section at a time and separating the hair gently. You have the option of rinsing with a shampoo but since it was my first time using this method I didn’t include it in my routine. I used warm water for the first few rinses and followed it with a flash of cold water to seal my hair. I followed my rinse with a blast spray of leave in making sure to make sure my hair is receiving that extra boost of moisture and conditioning. Adding a dime sized of coconut oil after spraying my hair down I have never been happier!


(Results when wet and oiled)


(Hair when dried)


I am so happy with the results of this ACV Clay Mask and my hair has never been this defined. It’s important to experiment and try different products but nothing really but sometimes nothing can really top the top the results of a good ole DIY method. If you are having a hard time getting definition make sure you try this DIY out and let me know how it turns out for you!

xoxo -Tallglassofstyle

4 Comments Add yours

  1. itsme22301 says:

    Hey! I’ve only used the clay mask for my facials but I think it’s time for me to try it on my hair as well because it is lacking moisture. One thing I noticed when using the mask is it clogs the crap out of my sink. Do you have any tips or tricks if this has happened to you?


    1. Hello dear! Thanks for reading…that has happened to me too I usually pour a little bleach down the drain let it sit and then run the water and pour a bit of dish soap down the drain. It should break the clay down. Hope it helps! -Bamz

      1. itsme22301 says:

        Ok great! I will give that a try.

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