4 Steps to Jump Start Your Creativity

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I’m talking down right wearing  sweat pants everywhere, window shop but not buying a single thing, “eww I hate my entire closet” RUT! I have had a few “moments” for peak creativity this year but besides that I haven’t been fully invested in my process and making my work and personal style express who I am. I cant blame the lack of money to shop because hell… Ive always been broke (laughs in student loans) and know how to make a dollar work in my favor. Being a tall girl with a very humble budget I’ve adapted. Not having the option of running to the mall to find something new developed my appreciation of taking things left behind and showing the world it’s still has life.

I also cant blame the lack of options due to the fact I’ve spent years figuring out how to dress this long body of mine having amazing tall girl brands like Long Tall Sally that caters to long limbs like mine. That being said I have been caught up in an absolute FUNK when it comes to translating my personal style. I remember a time when I would rollout of bed, stroll to my closet and let the clothes speak to me. One day I would roll out of the house looking like Lisa Bonets little sister and the next I’d look like a polished 80’s vixen ready to tour with Prince, but It all boils down to one thing.


I am a creative person and not catering to my need for inspiration has hindered my ability to really express myself not only in the way I dress, has taken a huge chunk out my creative writing, and I could tell you the last time I sketched or sat at my sewing machine. Last year I use to roam the streets of New York just to discover new shops and experience my surroundings, explore museums for hours to learn about different cultures, and build inspiration boards every other weekend but now I’ve been relying on explorer page or whatever flickers across my television screen. I have literally deprived myself from experiencing the world around me and I am suffering for it.  Distractions and plain ole laziness has pushed down the explorer within but I won’t let it hold me back any longer! If you are a creative like myself I’m sure you have struggled with a rut similar to this one that’s holding you back from reaching your true potential.

Here are 4 simple steps that I’ve put into action that may jump start your creative engines

1.) Take a trip to the art museum/gallery

I have sat in museums for hours staring an artist creation, drawing from the emotions they have injected into the piece and have always left with a part of the artist. Find some space in your schedule to visit your local museum/art gallery to and open your minds to someone elses translation of the world. You never know what can be bloom within you until you are open the expressions of those around you.

2.) Play a Little Jazz

Soon as we turn on the radio we are trampled but the same top 10 hits which either is the latest house music jam or dirt spirit anthem which is fine but I wouldn’t label it as actually inspiring. Constant “turn up” music is a sure fire why of dulling down the creative juices but a smooth melody of a hardy jazz inspired playlist will definitely ease you back into the wing of things. I have even have a little something for you on my Spotify account (Tallglassofstyle) for you to enjoy

3.) Let Nature Be Your Guide

Time to grab a warm drink, head to your near by park and take a long stroll. With the changing of the leaves and the warmer weather we’ve been having on the east coast it’s a perfect time for nature to show you all of her beauty. Put on your headphones (NO TURN UP MUSIC!) or go with out but whatever you do make sure you are present in that moment. Don’t worry about getting the right image for Instagram or trolling your timeline you need to be aware of the magic that is surrounding you and let it take your imagination to new heights.

4.) Social Network Cleanse

For the minimum of 24hrs completely disengage in all forms of social media. I’m talking cold turkey. If you work in social media do it on your off, if you have a blog and bank on your social following schedule your post so you wont miss a beat during your disconnect but the key here is staying “Logged Off”. We are so wrapped up in what others are doing, eating, wearing that we lose ourselves. Our ideas aren’t really inspired by others but morph into a reproduction with out realizing it. Social media is a great way to showcase your art, talent, and skills but it can be a graveyard to your creative process when measuring your life by the opinions of others. Take some time to experience the world for only yourself with no distractions.

By applying a few of these steps I’ve really stirred up my creative juices and  decided to show it off with my favorite vintage “Queen of Egypt” bomber jacket! Let me know if any of these tips worked for you by sharing them via twitter, Facebook, or comment below!

Photos by Shakazuluphotography@yahoo.com

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  1. I love it! You’re an amazing writer 🙂

    1. Thank you so much love bug and I am loving these looks youre creating!

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