30 Things to Do Before, During, & After 30

wpid-https%3a%2f%2f36.media_.tumblr.com%2f7377563d198c90cc415342a18e1f2fa7%2ftumblr_nrr9r83wog1qbqem3o1_1280.jpgBefore you start booing me off stage let me ensure you that 30 is not the end!!! Your twenties has a shiny “youthful” stereotype cast over it, and many women believe that after 25 its a landslide in to the dark abyss. It took me until I was on the other side of twenty-five to realized the fear of getting older is something forced down a our throats. Even before entering college we develop a fear of blowing out candles and this “race against MR TIME” theory has us missing out on the true beauty of getting older. I never hear people randomly asking men their age,  yelling at them for not being married before the 3-0 or openly telling them that their ovaries will dust over by 27 if we don’t  start popping out “Little Ones”…..

Instead of making a list of things to do before 30 with the looming undertone of demise, I wanted to create something that stimulates celebration and promotes women to try things that they can do at and stage in life. *BTW I used this photo of MS.ROSS as my introduction because….. I’m mean look at her just celebrating life like you should be celebrating turning one one year older! :)*


1.) Start Journaling

Even if it’s not daily even only a sentence at a time, recording your experiences in your own words will be a cherished keep sake that you’ll be able to reflect on through life. I recently dug up a journal I had from 9th to 10th grade and relieved my high school sweet heart in all it’s melodramtic glory. Reading it showed me how love has evolved in my life and how much of an impact that relationship had on my love stories to follow.


2.) Switch to Tea

There’s a chance you’re staring at the computer as if Medusa herself may spring form the screen, but trust me when i say cutting back on coffee can do wonders for your health. The caffeine in coffee is said to stimulate your stress hormones, acidity levels found are extremely high, and once depended on the caffeine produced from coffee it is harder for your body to produce natural energy stimulants. (More info here |HUFFINGTONPOST|)

Starting with black tea will help cut your habits, and overtime will help transition you  to caffeine free teas. Being depend on caffeine via coffee during my college days turned into a full blown addiction leading to a nasty personality when ever i didn’t have my fix, weight gain, and also crashing. Theres a Starbucks on every city block but remember you can always order a “Dirty Oprah” instead

**Thank Me Later***


3.) Have a Spa Day

4.) Karaoke

Nothing like getting a group of friends, ordering a few drinks and singing  *badly* to your favorite songs


5.) Take Dance Lessons

6.) Buy a Sex Toy

Yeah I said it…

Even now a days when oversexed images and topics slaps us in the face soon as we turn on the tv or open a magazine women are still scared to contribute to the “Self Love’ jar. A full on dildo can be a bit evasive,but a fun little pocket size bullet or the old school finger walk downtown will do the trick after a stressful day and a one way ticket to O town. If all else fails…. Always have a removal shower head in your bathroom…. YOU’RE WELCOME GIRL.


7.) Buy a Slow Cooker

I have no clue what I was doing before I got a slow cooker. Chop it up, throw it in the slow cooker for 4 hours and BOOM STEW. Even as a Pescetarian I found that my slow cooker has finally given me the cooking skills that I lack and helps are save time and money!

8.) try buckram Yoga

9.) Go Skydiving

10.) Take yourself on Date

Go get your hair done, put on a nice outfit, and take yourself out. Even if you just go to the movies, or have a cup of coffee ALONE there’s something to experience when you don’t have that friend buffer. You are completely in the world with your thoughts experiencing life, which may seem like a simple task but taking the time for yourself is a hell of an eye opening experience.

11.) Ask for HIS number

12.) Drink more water



The worlds splendor can’t be captured by scrolling through other peoples Instagram pages. It may not be in your budget to fly to Fiji or summer in Rome, but preparation is KEY. Select a place you’ve never been, create a budget and subscribe to travel blogs/site that alert you on deals, BOOK AND GO. You can come up with a million excuses but the world is here to explore… even if you only go out of  state… DO IT.

14.) Social Media Diet… Because we all need a break from this shit TBH.

15.) Create a realistic budget


Long gone are the days when you could just blow money on what ever you want (unless your balling and in that case do you boo boo) Now is the time buckle down and really think about your future. Before venturing in to steep investments, buying property, or anything major you should start by actually creating a budget. Im not a savings wizard but with the powerful tips of Pinterest and the amazing advice from Tiffany Aliche *The Budgetnista* book “The One Week Budget” I have witnessed a major difference in my spending habits.

16.) Get More Sleep

17.) Take a cooking class

There’s a famous saying, “the way to a mans heart is through their stomach” but girl you can buy him a steak and achieve the same damn outcome… Learn how to cook for yourself! You deserve to come home and treat yourself to a top chef dinner so take a fun class with your lady friends and start making your own feast and if you have a partner to bless with your new found gifts than that wonderful.. but THIS IS FOR YOU QUEEN.

18.) Pay it forward

The smallest act of kindness goes along way in a world that has seen so much darkness especially in recent days. Simple good morning, holding the door for someone, or paying the toll for the car behind you a little act shifts a persons entire mood.

19.) Switch to Organic

20.) Clean Out your inbox


21.) Get a daring haircut

A woman cutting her hair is a sign of a significant shift in their lives. Whether it’s a breakup, moving out, or just a seasonal change up I speak from experience when I say cutting off the locks is liberating.

22.) Join a bookclub

 23.) Cut Cable

Sounds odd but cable is an added bill that has proven it’s self useless in my opinion. With straight to tv apps like Hulu, Netflix, and HBOGo the idea of paying $120 + to have endless channels that usually have nothing on is a waste of money. Cutting it out will free to “SAVE”, get those shoes, or TRAVEL depending if you followed those tips above.

24.) Go back to School


This may not be for everyone but many of us (including myself) have been toying with the idea of “Starting over”, expanding their careers, or just achieving their own goal of getting/furthering their education. Knowledge is a beautiful gateway to new life experiences so whether it’s getting that bachelors, Masters, or Yoga Cert. start the journey of achieving that goal.

25.) Learn how to make a wicked cocktail

I mean 007 looks like a boss when making one, and think of how you’ll be the toast of every party with your drink slinging know skills.

 26.) Meditate

27.) Look at your vagina


Like the character Charlotte from Sex and the City (Season 4 Eps. 2 “The Real Me) a large number of women don’t know what their own vaginas LOOK LIKE. They see a photo of what it should look like in a text book during sex ed in HighSchool and than push it to the back of their minds. Don’t even go on to tips 29 & 30 before grabbing a mirror and looking at your “FLOWER”. Consider it a unique snowflake especially since all women look different in that region. Its a part of your body and getting to know yourself physically includes embracing ALL OF YOU!

 28.) Binge Marathon Sex and the City… BECAUSE DUH!

29.) Support Local artist and businesses



30.) Cherish yourself.

I technically group this tip with every one i’ve stated. You are the gatekeeper of your heart, mind, body, and soul and by learning to appreciate and love who you are as a woman you will create one of the most important relationships you will ever have. Everything begins with your well being and counting the days till you are no longer a “spring chicken” is a sure fire way on overshadowing the wonderful person you are. Embrace the wisdom and beauty that comes with age ladies cause no one likes YOUNG WINE! If you ever second guest your self confidence all was ask yourself “WWRD?” (What Would Rihanna DO?)


xoxo Tallglassofstyle

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Monet says:

    This is an awesome list. Now breaking away from coffee is a hard habit to break. Once I move I definitely plan on going back to dance and even join a book club who knows 🙂

  2. This is a great list. So many of them feel like they’re about maximizing that alone time rather than wallowing in it. We’re so conditioned to be needed and get validation from being needed, that when/if it ends we don’t know how to function. Having something for yourself when things go left is so important. I’m working on that right now.

    1. Thank you for reading Shanta and I love the journey your on! Everything in life is

  3. Dee Dee says:

    Love the list! !

    *bikram yoga though.

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