The Growth A New Year Brings


It has been a beautiful year for me filled to the brim with laughter, tears, conquering of fears and uncertain moments. I went to more concerts than ever before, lost friends, gained sisters and been challenged to grow into a better human. I wanted to write a long think piece explaining all the “Ah-Ha” moments Ive experienced this year and lay out all the times I’ve had sleepless nights filled with tears but I rather keep it simple ( & Funky) by letting you know how happy I am that I have gone through these things and come out on the other side better.

I have nothing but positive feelings for the year approaching and whenever things get ugly I can reflect on how I made it through prior years and see the light on the other side. My goals are set, my vision board is in process… Hell I even got a planner ( Goal Digger Planner) to keep me on track in efforts to go in strong but unlike years past I refuse to beat myself down if I slip up. Instead I will pick myself up, dust off, and do it all again.

I want us to enter this new year with love in out heart, goals in our future and giving ourselves the permission to be human. I am sending you positive vibes with an abundance of blessings and support on your journeys 2016. The goals you set will be realized with planning determination and belief in yourself.

xoxo Tallglassofstyle

Dress: Long Tall Sally

Shoes: Long Tall Sally

Stole: Vintage (My Grandmothers) Similar

Check out the rest of my shoot with (my fav) photographer (Ig @shakazuluphotography )









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  1. Raye Social says:

    I think that planner will keep you grounded with your goals next year and I’m lagging behind I need to a vision board as well.

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