New Year,Old Wears & The Case of Side Eye


I’ve been pleasantly shifting through the second week of our new year and so far Ive embraced using my calendar, been repeating my inspirational quotes, and even went on another job interview! It’s clear that I am already having a lovely start but I think I have to reach back and bring up some “ole sh*t”. Don’t freak out I promise I’m not trolling your timeline for that misspelled tweet (lol) Im talking about some good ole VINTAGE. I was in my local thrift store late last year with a small budget and a lot of imagination when I came across this beautiful sequin sweater. I stared at her *the sweater* and had we lovely conversation which lead to her adoption.

Me: “Hey Girl! I know we just met but I feel like I just KNOW you. Is that weird?”

Sweater: “GIRL NAW! I saw you walking in fly as ever and knew we had to be friends!”


Sweater:”DUH!”DSC_9729 (1)

Dollars in hand I ran to the cashier, gave me the illest case of side eye and passive judgment but within minutes my new BBF and I  were on our way home. She was gently hand washed in my sink, laid out to dry and dreamt about through the night assisting me to a needed slumber. I woke up in joy that bestie and I where going to take over the world, but my feelings soured quickly as I walked to my newly washed master piece, coffee in hand, reality slapping me all in my grill.

“WTF am I going to wear with this thing?!”

So, like any confused “fashionista”  I avoid the situation completely and let that sucker stay neatly folded at the bottom of my closet. Yup, ladies and gentlemen I let my new BBF stay there for WEEKS just because I was doubtful that I wasn’t fly enough to rock it. I wanted to just chuck the thought away and truly forget I even picked it up but the truth is I was a derailed but the look the lady at the counter gave me when I purchased the sweater. I let those few moments of judgment make me feel like maybe I was being too over the top and that OTHERS wouldn’t like my new little friend.

Once it hit me that I was allowing my expression to being compromised, that I was neglecting my New Best Friend, I took her out and threw her on. I remember when I would walk out the house in whatever made me feel great and let the side eyes fall by the waste side. Lately I have questioned the relationships I held so dearly with my clothing and allowed my vibrant pieces hang in order to not offend. Some feel uncomfortable with vibrance and difference and allowing that to intercept something I love… is just… WRONG. I pulled out my DIY wide leg pants, put on my highest pumps and let the FRO GLOW. It sucks when you feel the need to hide things that make you feel awesome and I’m working on never allowing that to happen again. So when  I feel as if I want to hide my shine Im just going to remember how awesome my pieces. So I rocked this outfit with the poetic words of Tokyo Styles rocking in the back of my head…

Check out the rest of my shoot below!

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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    this sweater is perfection! I love how you wear it too 🙂 and you’re so pretty ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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