Planning Ahead & The Beauty of Adulting


Ok so if you read my last few post (The Aquarian Struggle & New Year, Old Wears)  you have been informed that I have finally embraced a bit of adult like behavior and bought a legit planner. Not a cute little thing I saw stilling on a random shelf as I wait to be rung up next, Im talking about sitting down and searching the internet for something that would really set me up for success this year. I little back ground on my journey… I SUCK AT TIME MANAGEMENT . Plenty of times I have tired to ignore the need for organization in my life and wanted to live the life of a careless teenager, but after hundreds of failed attempts and it just not being cute anymore I decided something needed to change. I have failed to show up to events, friendly get togethers and missed bill payments. YUP. I have really been struggling with being a good grown up.


Some of my missed social events can be credited to my anxiety but at the end of the day many of these events skipped, projects submitted late, and let down friends have done nothing but cost me money, hindered networking, and caused bad blood in good friendships. I wasn’t taking the time to sit down and find the value in others time because I didn’t see the importance of my own and I refuse to bring that into my 30’s. *PAUSE TO FREAK OUT AT MY PENDING AGE* This has forced me to get a grip on my life inspiring me to put good intentions into practice. Enters… THE GOAL DIGGER PLANNER.

Susana Rodriguez creator of this beautiful line of planners developed this motivational tool to help women celebrate life through setting goals, planning out their journey and celebrate accomplishments. Susan answered my prayer to the universe by creating a system in which I can see where I start to where I want to be, allowing me to not only schedule appointments but also push me to be a better version of me.

The planner gives your space to write down your dreams, goals for the year, a Note to Self section allowing you to write a letter to yourself projecting what you want to achieve this year also great breakdowns of the days, weeks, months to come. The planner makes you think, figure out what is important and helps you shape the year ahead. I am certain getting a planner is detailed process and purchasing one is the first step to getting your goals in order.  So make this your Beyonce year and go for what’s yours girl!!!!


The Goal Digger Planner‘s have sold out a few times already but you can get a notification sent to you soon as they are restocked and I am encouraging you to do so! Scroll down to sneak a peek on how it looks inside and stay tuned for great “PLANNER MAINTENANCE” tips coming next week!







3 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post! Sometimes the one thing we’ve been denying is the thing that will propel us to greatness.

    1. Thank u so much for reading!!!it really is refreshing to accomplish things on time and the feeling of control.

  2. Tracia says:

    I love it! you know I have this problem too! love you bamz!! thanks girl 🙂

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