ThingsBamzHeard Weekly Playlist Vol. 1 & 2


It’s finally the end of the week and time to do everything you couldn’t get to do doing the work week. I have a million and 10 things on my to do list but I plan on doing most of those things with a glass of wine in my system and good music playing in the background. I’m sure many of my fellow weekenders feel the same so I’ve decided to start sharing some of my favorite tunes with you in hopes that I can inspire a great few days off ! I’m a lover of music ranging from 60’s classics, vogue music, dancehall, ballads, trap, underground hiphop… THE WORKS so be prepared for all types of amazing musical choices! I’ve provided two different streaming options for you’re listening pleasure Soundcloud and Spotify… and since we are in the second week of the new year you have FOUR playlist to choose from@ Hope you enjoy a few Things Bamz(me) Heard and if your loving make sure to share and tweet me!

Here’s to a great weekend!


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