Things Bamz Heard Playlist Earth Wind & Fire Edition


2016 just started and we have already lost a string of great artist that shaped the music we have today. Natalie Cole, David Bowie, and yesterday we lost Maurice White lead singer of one of the greatest bands in history Earth Wind and Fire. Their music is deeply embed in African American culture blasting at every single wedding, bbq and family reunion bringing us together in harmony. I grew up hearing their music as a soundtrack every Sunday while my mother (and I) cleaned the house and got dinner together becoming a ritual I will never stray from. Unfortunately many people have no clue who Earth Wind and Fire is basically shrugging them off as “Auntie Music” (aka music for older people) so this is my effort in changing that. I created two Spotify playlist, the first containing a FRACTION of popular music made from samples (Full list here) of Earth Wind and Fire songs and the second will be a few of my favorites fork their albums over the years. I encourage you guys to take the over the weekend to let the music move you, inspire you, and get you through this  weekend with an appreciation for those who paved the way for many of the artist we love today.

Thank you Earth Wind and Fire and RIP to the magical Maurice White



I hope you enjoy and share! Follow me on Twitter @tallglassofstyl and check out Past Playlist Vol.1&Vol.2 Vol.3 


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