Things Bamz Heard Playlist Lovers Day Edition


Tomorrow is Lovers Days and as you run around picking up that over priced last minute chocolate covered strawberries, try and squeeze in a wax, and sit under the hair dryer for your twist to dry i’m certain you have completely over looked the need for a good ole’ playlist to set the tone of the day. If you are struggling to book those reservations your significant other hinted about weeks ago buy some candles, chill a bottle of wine and cook dinner for bae with these fail proof playlist! Even if you are lacking a hot date turn this in to SELF LOVE day by drawing a nice hot bath, ordering take out from your favorite restaurant and having a glass (or two) of wine while unwinding while Sade, Babyface and other amazing R&B artist we love so much. Today doesn’t have to be stressful or a bust as long as you focus on the positive and let the music wash over you!

WARNING: Any babies resulting from these playlist must be named after me by default

Boys: Ambert

Girls: Amber 🙂


Make sure you let me know your Lovers Day Plan via twitter @tallglassofstyl


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