Embracing “Height” & Business: Meet CEO Kia Manuel


As a tall woman it’s an on going struggle to find great fitting affordable clothing  without compromising style. Now imagine my excitement when I came across THE HEIGHT website late last year!  Bliss rushed over me as I ordered my “Wine Marble Sweater” knowing that I was receiving an item I loved and would actually REACH my wrist *LOL*. Standing a beautiful 5’10”, founder Kia Manuel created “THE HEIGHT” boutique in order to offer trendsetting affordable pieces for tall women like us and now meet the amazing business woman behind the brand.

*PS there’s a little %15 off gift waiting for you at the end of this post* xoxo

1.) What inspired you to create “THE HEIGHT” and venture into the fashion industry?

I was inspired to start my own business because it was always hard for me to find affordable clothing as a teenager and young woman.  I do not come from money so I understand, intimately, what its like to not be able to afford clothing that fits you.  I think tall women should be given the option to be stylish no matter what their budget is.

2.) The rate of women growing in entrepreneur is growing rapidly, what advice would you give women thinking of heading towards the path of owning their own business?

My advice for women who want to own their own business is to make sure you pursue something you are deeply passionate about.  You will find that starting a business will challenge you in every way imaginable and if you do not believe in your product or idea 110% it will be tough to keep moving forward; especially on the days where everything seems to be falling apart (there will be those days). Starting a business is not glamorous.  I repeat – starting a business is not glamorous.   But it is very rewarding if you are committed to the process. Starting a business can also be very intimidating and overwhelming for someone that does not have a business background.  Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed. When you start a business everything is coming at you at once and that’s okay. Expect this. Just make sure to keep moving forward.  That is the key.  Depending on your situation, you may have tons of time to devote to a new business or you may only have a couple of hours a day or week even. Life may happen and your timeline may shift dramatically, that is also okay. No matter what, remember that the small victories matter and everything adds up over time.  When I have a long term goal I like to approach it with this mindset:  If two or three years are going to pass anyway, why not have a business to launch at the end of those two or three years? The time will pass, that’s a given. So, no matter what, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

3.)What are the top 3 things this season your shoppers should have in their shopping cart from “THE HEIGHT’?

Definitely the Football Joggers , Alexa Maxi Dress, and the A-Line Sweater Skirt.  These are some of my favorite pieces because they cover all aspects of your life and are all super comfy!

(Check out my Trip to Atlanta when I rocked my FootBallJoggers)


4.) What advice would you like to give “Talls” that are having a difficult time embracing their height?

I get this question a lot and I think the number one thing tall women can do to embrace their height is to simply give zero @!#$% about it.  You are tall and you will not get shorter.  Your height will never change, so why are you going to spend time and energy being self-conscious?  Most of the time, our height insecurity develops because we see ourselves through someone else’s eyes.  We see how they look at us, we see them whisper to a friend about our height, or even experience them making comments about our height.  It hurts because the experiences are most often not positive.  It’s easy to get caught up in the consistent micro reactions people have about your height. However, it is also important to understand that if you are truly going to embrace your height, you will need to start seeing yourself through your eyes.  Deep down you know you are awesome. Don’t be afraid of that inner self-confidence. Stop looking for validation and acceptance outside of yourself; your existence is your validation. So get on with it. Get up, show up, and slay every damn day.

5.) What can we expect to see in the future from THE HEIGHT?

You can expect to see lots of unique pieces and more options for pants and jeans.  We are so excited to offer tall women something different, modern, and trendy at an affordable price. We are working things that have never been done before in the “tall clothing space” so we are exciting to bring something fresh and different just for tall women.

Special thank you to Kia for taking the time out to chat with us and she has gifted us with an AWESOME 15% off discount code TGOS15 on your entire order from March 2, 2016 and run through  March 04, 2016!



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  1. Lauren says:

    What a wonderful piece … and Kia’s story is amazing. I love that she’s found a way to persevere as a business owner in today’s competitive marketplace.


    1. Thank you lauren! I love her store and knew I had to feature her!

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