Things Bamz Heard: Nina Simone Edition



If you have wifi than you know something about the uproar about the pending “Nina Simone” bio (find out more about it from Blavity). I am so hurt by the disrespect flaming from everyone involved in making this film but I don’t want to water negativity by drumming a long think piece… I rather sum it up by saying “YOU KNEW BETTER SIS”. I also want to thank¬†Blavity for also coming up with this ACCURATE list of amazing actresses that could have portrayed Nina without pounds of foundation *HERE* …better know as BLACKFACE.


Nina Simone is an American icon. A woman whos timeless music, activism, and invoking lyrics shaped an era and still impacts us today. Her music, lives as a stand alone body of art and has been sampled over 200 times in various projects through out the years. I created two playlist to celebrate this complex powerful woman and uplift her sound that continues to influence us today.  First playlist are a few of my personal favorite Nina songs and the second is a handful of her songs that have been sampled or covered. I hope that you open your hearts, relax your minds and enjoy our national treasure.



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